VIDEO: Leistner jumps into crowd, confronts abusive fans

Leistner video
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“Leistner video” is something you will see popping up on your social media feeds today.

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Toni Leistner jumped into the stands and pinned down a fan as over 10,000 supporters (the biggest crowd in Germany since the coronavirus pandemic) watched third-tier Dynamo Dresden beat second-tier Hamburg 4-1 in the German Cup on Monday.

Leistner, 30, said he was abused by home fans who directed insults at his wife and daughter, but he apologized for jumping into the stands to confront the supporters.

The defender previously played for Dynamo Dresden, his boyhood club, and the club have said they will investigate the incident and called the behavior of their supporters ‘shameful’ as they defended Leistner’s reaction.

“It’s just shameful that Toni Leistner was offended in such a way by a fan of his home club after the game. We are looking for the person because we do not want to leave this incident where it is. Thanks to 99.9 per cent of all stadium visitors for your support!”

Here is more information from our partners Sky Sports, as they were due to interview Leistner by the side of the pitch when the incident occurred.

Leistner, who was born in Dresden and played for Dynamo from 2010 to 2014, was due to give an interview to Sky in Germany reporter Jurek Rohrberg after Hamburg crashed out of the DFB Pokal in the first round.

But he climbed into the stands to confront a section of the Dynamo fans, grabbing one of them by the shirt collar and pushing him into the ground after hearing verbal abuse and taunts directed at his family.

“I received some massive insults from the stands in my hometown after the game,” Leistner said. “Usually, I can handle that but then it went below the belt against my family, my wife and my daughter. At that moment my fuse blew especially as this was already an extremely emotional game for me. Something like this should not happen – I am a family man who wants to serve as a role model. I apologize for my behavior and can only promise that – no matter what insults are thrown at me – something like this will never happen again.”

And here is the Leistner video, as you can see the moment he snapped and jumped into the stands to the confront the group of fans.