La Liga schedule
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La Liga schedule 2020-21

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Will Lionel Messi be with Barcelona for the first Clasico of the 2020-21 La Liga season?

We’ll know that soon, but Monday’s schedule released tells us that the first match-up between Barcelona and Real Madrid will come just before Halloween, Oct. 25, at the Camp Nou in Catalonia. The sides head to Madrid on April 11.

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The first Madrid Derby comes Dec. 13 at the Bernabeu, and Real repays Atleti’s visit when it heads to the Wanda Metropolitano on March 7.

The season kicks off with a Valencia derby between Valencia and Levante on Sept. 13 and runs through Matchday 38 on May 23, a final day highlighted by Villarreal’s visit to Real Madrid.

The dreadful calendar year of 2020 closes up shop with the Basque Derby between Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao, the two rivals also set to meet in the Copa del Rey sometime near that Dec. 30 league date. The second meeting will come April 4.

Here is the full La Liga schedule.

Matchday 1

Alaves 0-1 Real Betis
Eibar 0-0 Celta Vigo
Cadiz 0-2 Osasuna
Granada 2-0 Athletic Bilbao
Valencia 4-2 Levante
Real Valladolid 1-1 Real Sociedad
Villarreal 1-1 Huesca

Atletico Madrid v Sevilla — postponed due to European participation
Barcelona v Elche — postponed due to European participation
Real Madrid v Getafe — postponed due to European participation

Matchday 2

Villarreal v Eibar — 10 am ET Saturday
Getafe v Osasuna — 12:30 pm ET Saturday
Celta Vigo v Valencia — 3pm ET Saturday
Huesca v Cadiz — 10 am ET Sunday
Granada v Alaves — 12:30 pm ET Sunday
Real Betis v Real Valladolid — 12:30 pm ET Sunday
Real Sociedad v Real Madrid — 3 pm ET Sunday

Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona — postponed due to Joan Gamper Trophy
Levante v Atletico Madrid — postponed due to Champions League run
Sevilla v Elche — postponed due to Europa League run

Matchday 3 – Sept. 27

Alaves v Getafe
Atletico Madrid v Granada
Barcelona v Villarreal
Real Betis v Real Madrid
Eibar v Athletic Bilbao
Cadiz v Sevilla
Osasuna v Levante
Valencia v Huesca
Real Valladolid v Celtia VIgo
Elche v Real Sociedad

Matchday 4 – Sept. 30

Athletic Bilbao v Cadiz
Celta Vigo v Barcelona
Eibar v Elche
Getafe v Real Betis
Granada v Osasuna
Huesca v Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid v Real Valladolid
Real Sociedad v Valencia
Sevilla v Levante
Villarreal v Alaves

Matchday 5 – Oct. 4

Alaves v Athletic Bilbao
Atletico Madrid v Villarreal
Barcelona v Sevilla
Cadiz v Granada
Levante v Real Madrid
Osasuna v Celtia Vigo
Real Sociedad v Getafe
Valencia v Real Betis
Real Valladolid v Eibar
Elche v Huesca

Matchday 6 – Oct. 18

Alaves v Elche
Athletic Bilbao v Levante
Real Betis v Real Sociedad
Celta Vigo v Atletico Madrid
Eibar v Osasuna
Getafe v Barcelona
Granada v Sevilla
Huesca v Real Valladolid
Real Madrid v Cadiz
Villarreal v Valencia

Matchday 7 – Oct. 25

Athletic Madrid v Real Betis
Barcelona v Real Madrid
Getafe v Granada
Cadiz v Villarreal
Levante v Celta Vigo
Osasuna v Athletic Bilbao
Real Sociedad v Huesca
Sevilla v Eibar
Real Valladolid v Alaves
Elche v Valencia

La Liga schedule
MADRID, SPAIN (2020): Carlos Casemiro of Real Madrid in action against Lionel Messi (Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Matchday 8 – Nov. 1

Alaves v Barcelona
Athletic Bilbao v Sevilla
Real Betis v Elche
Celta Vigo v Real Sociedad
Eibar v Cadiz
Granada v Levante
Osasuna v Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid v Huesca
Valencia v Getafe
Villarreal v Real Valladolid

Matchday 9 – Nov. 8

Atletico Madrid v Cadiz
Barcelona v Real Betis
Getafe v Villarreal
Huesca v Eibar
Levante v Alaves
Real Sociead v Granada
Sevilla v Osasuna
Valencia v Real Madrid
Real Valladolid v. Athletic Bilbao
Elche v Celta Vigo

Matchday 10 – Nov. 22

Alaves v Valencia
Athletic Bilbao v Real Betis
Atletico Madrid v Barcelona
Eibar v Getafe
Cadiz v Real Sociedad
Granada v Real Valladolid
Levante v Elche
Osasuna v Huesca
Sevilla v Celta Vigo
Villarreal v Real Madrid

Matchday 11 – Nov. 29

Barcelona v Osasuna
Real Betis v Eibar
Celta Vigo v Granada
Getafe v Athletic Bilbao
Huesca v Sevilla
Real Madrid v Alaves
Real Sociedad v Villarreal
Valencia v Atletico Madrid
Real Valladolid v Levante
Elche v Cadiz

Matchday 12 – Dec. 6

Alaves v Real Sociedad
Athletic Bilbao v Celta Vigo
Atletico Madrid v Real Valladolid
Eibar v Valencia
Cadiz v Barcelona
Granada v Huesca
Levante v Getafe
Osasuna v Real Betis
Sevilla v Real Madrid
Villarreal v Elche

Matchday 13 – Dec. 13

Barcelona v Levante
Real Betis v Villarreal
Celta Vigo v Cadiz
Getafe v Sevilla
Huesca v Alaves
Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid
Real Sociedad v Eibar
Valencia v Athletic Bilbao
Real Valladolid v Osasuna
Elche v Granada

MADRID, SPAIN: Dani Carvajal of Real Madrid tackles Thomas Lemar of Atleti (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Matchday 14 – Dec. 20

Athletic Bilbao v Huesca
Atletico Madrid v Elche
Barcelona v Valencia
Celta Vigo v Alaves
Eibar v Real Madrid
Cadiz v Getafe
Granada v Real Betis
Levante v Real Sociedad
Osasuna v Villarreal
Sevilla v Real Valladolid

Matchday 15 – Dec. 23

Alaves v Eibar
Real Betis v Cadiz
Getafe v Celta Vigo
Huesca v Levante
Real Madrid v Granada
Real Sociedad v Atletico Madrid
Valencia v Sevilla
Real Valladolid v Barcelona
Villarreal v Athletic Bilbao
Elche v Osasuna

Matchday 16 – Dec. 30

Athletic Bilbao v Real Sociedad
Atletico Madrid v Getafe
Barcelona v Eibar
Celta Vigo v Huesca
Cadiz v Real Valladolid
Granada v Valencia
Levante v Real Betis
Osasuna v Alaves
Sevilla v Villarreal
Elche v Real Madrid

Basque Derby
Willian Jose of Real Sociedad and Iker Muniain of Athletic Bilbao in a Basque derby (Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Matchday 17 – Jan. 3

Alaves v Atletico Madrid
Athletic Bilbao v Elche
Real Betis v Sevilla
Eibar v Granada
Getafe v Real Valladolid
Huesca v Barcelona
Real Madrid v Celta Vigo
Real Sociedad v Osasuna
Valencia v Cadiz
Villarreal v Levante

Matchday 18 – Jan. 10

Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao
Celta Vigo v Villarreal
Cadiz v Alaves
Granada v Barcelona
Huesca v Real Betis
Levante v Eibar
Osasuna v Real Madrid
Sevilla v Real Sociedad
Real Valladolid v Valencia
Elche v Getafe

Matchday 19 – Jan. 20

Alaves v Sevilla
Barcelona v Real Sociedad
Real Betis v Celta Vigo
Eibar v Atletico Madrid
Getafe v Huesca
Cadiz v Levante
Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao
Valencia v Osasuna
Real Valladolid v Elche
Villarreal v Granada

Matchday 20 – Jan. 24

Alaves v Real Madrid
Athletic Bilbao v Getafe
Atletico Madrid v Valencia
Celta Vigo v Eibar
Huesca v Villarreal
Levante v Real Valladolid
Osasuna v Granada
Real Sociedad v Real Betis
Sevilla v Cadiz
Elche v Barcelonan

Matchday 21 – Jan. 31

Barcelona v Athletic Bilbao
Real Betis v Osasuna
Eibar v Sevilla
Getafe v Alaves
Cadiz v Atletico Madrid
Granada v Celta Vigo
Real Madrid v Levante
Valencia v Elche
Real Valladolid v Real Sociead

Matchday 22 – Feb. 7

Alaves v Real Valladolid
Athletic Bilbao v Valencia
Atletico Madrid v Celta Vigo
Real Betis v Barcelona
Huesca v Real Madrid
Levante v Granada
Osasuna v Eibar
Real Sociedad v Cadiz
Sevilla v Getafe
Elche v Villarreal

Matchday 23 – Feb. 14

Barcelona v Alaves
Celta Vigo v Elche
Eibar v Real Valladolid
Getafe v Real Sociead
Cadiz v Athletic Bilbao
Granada v Atletico Madrid
Levante v Osasuna
Real Madrid v Valencia
Sevilla v Huesca
Villarreal v Real Betis

Matchday 24 – Feb. 21

Athletic Bilbao v Villarreal
Atletico Madrid v Levante
Barcelona v Cadiz
Real Betis v Getafe
Huesca v Granada
Osasuna v Sevilla
Real Sociedad v Alaves
Valencia v Celta Vigo
Real Valladolid v Real Madrid
Elche v Eibar

Matchday 25 – Feb. 28

Alaves v Osasuna
Celta Vigo v Real Valladolid
Eibar v Huesca
Getafe v Valencia
Cadiz v Real Betis
Granada v Elche
Levante v Athletic Bilbao
Real Madrid v Real Sociedad
Sevilla v Barcelona
Villarreal v Atletico Madrid

Matchday 26 – March 7

Athletic Bilbao v Granada
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid
Real Betis v Alaves
Cadiz v Eibar
Huesca v Celta Vigo
Osasuna v Barcelonan
Real Sociedad v Levante
Valencia v Villarreal
Real Valladolid v Getafe
Elche v Sevilla

Matchday 27 – March 14

Alaves v Cadiz
Barcelona v Huesca
Celta Vigo v Athletic Bilbao
Eibar v Villarreal
Getafe v Atletico Madrid
Granada v Real Sociead
Levante v Valencia
Osasuna v Real Valladolid
Real Madrid v Elche
Sevilla v Real Betis

La Liga schedule
THE SEVILLE DERBY – NOVEMBER 10: Cristian Tello of Real Betis competes for the ball with Jesus Navas of Sevilla FC . (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Matchday 28 – March 21

Athletic Bilbao v Eibar
Atletico Madrid v Alaves
Real Betis v Levante
Celta Vigo v Real Madrid
Getafe v Elche
Huesca v Osasuna
Real Sociedad v Barcelona
Valencia v Granada
Real Valladolid v Sevilla
Villarreal v Cadiz

Matchday 29 – April 4

Alaves v Celta Vigo
Barcelona v Real Valladolid
Cadiz v Valencia
Granada v Villarreal
Levante v Huesca
Osasuna v Getafe
Real Madrid v Eibar
Real Sociedad v Athletic Bilbao
Sevilla v Atletico Madrid
Elche v Real Betis

Matchday 30 – April 11

Athletic Bilbao v Alaves
Real Betis v Atletico Madrid
Celta Vigo v Sevilla
Eibar v Levante
Getafe v Cadiz
Huesca v Elche
Real Madrid v Barcelona
Valencia v Real Sociedad
Real Valladolid v Granada
Villarreal v Osasuna

El Clasico
MADRID, SPAIN – 2019: Ivan Rakitic of Barcelona scores his sides first goal past Thibaut Courtois and Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

Matchday 31 – April 21

Alaves v Villarreal
Atletico Madrid v Huesca
Barcelona v Getafe
Real Betis v Athletic Bilbao
Cadiz v Real Madrid
Granada v Eibar
Levante v Sevilla
Osasuna v Valencia
Real Sociedad v Celta Vigo
Elche v Real Valladolid

Matchday 32 – April 25

Athletic Bilbao v Atletico Madrid
Celta Vigo v Osasuna
Eibar v Real Sociedad
Huesca v Getafe
Real Madrid v Real Betis
Sevilla v Granada
Valencia v Alaves
Real Valladolid v Cadiz
Villarreal v Barcelona
Elche v Levante

Matchday 33 – April 28

Alaves v Huesca
Athletic Bilbao v Real Valladolid
Atletico Madrid v Eibar
Barcelona v Granada
Real Betis v Valencia
Getafe v Real Madrid
Cadiz v Celta Vigo
Levante v Villarreal
Osasuna v Elche
Real Sociedad v Sevilla

Matchday 34 – May 2

Celtia Vigo v Levante
Eibar v Alavees
Granada v Cadiz
Huesca v Real Sociedad
Real Madrid v Osasuna
Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao
Valencia v Barcelona
Real Valladolid v Real Betis
Villarreal v Getafe
Elche v Atletico Madrid

Matchday 35 – May 9

Alaves v Levante
Athletic Bilbao v Osasuna
Barcelona v Atletico Madrid
Real Betis v Granada
Getafe v Eibar
Cadiz v Huesca
Real Madrid v Sevilla
Real Sociedad v Elche
Valencia v Real Valladolid
Villarreal v Celta Vigo

La Liga schedule
MADRID, SPAIN: Saul Niguez of Atletico Madrid and Marc-Andre ter Stefen of Barcelona (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)

Matchday 36 – May 12

Atletico Madrid v Real Sociedad
Celta Vigo v Getafe
Eibar v Real Betis
Granada v Real Madrid
Huesca v Athletic Bilbao
Levante v Barcelona
Osasuna v Cadiz
Sevilla v Valencia
Real Valladolid v Villarreal
Elche v Alaves

Matchday 37 – May 16

Alaves v Granada
Athletic Bilbao v Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid v Osasuna
Barcelona v Celta Vigo
Real Betis v Huesca
Getafe v Levante
Cadiz v Elche
Real Sociedad v Real Valladolid
Valencia v Eibar
Villarreal v Sevilla

Matchday 38 – May 23

Celta Vigo v Real Betis
Eibar v Barcelona
Granada v Getafe
Huesca v Valencia
Levante v Cadiz
Osasuna v Real Sociedad
Real Madrid v Villarreal
Sevilla v Alaves
Real Valladolid v Atletico Madrid
Elche v Athletic Bilbao

La Liga: Real Madrid steal late win against 10-man Betis

Real Madrid - La Liga
Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images
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A roundup of all of Saturday’s results in La Liga, where Real Madrid were quite fortunate to come out with three points…

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Real Betis 2-3 Real Madrid

Opposition own goal? Check. Opposition red card? Check. Late-game penalty kick? Also check. The defending La Liga champions needed all of that in a span of 35 minutes, and a bit more, to escape their trip to Betis with three points.

Things started off well for Zinedine Zidane’s side Federico Valverde put Los Blancos ahead after 14 minutes, with a little help from Karim Benzema. The 1-0 scoreline didn’t survive until halftime, though, and neither did the 1-1. Aissa Mandi and William Carvalho each scored two minutes apart for Betis just before the break.

Real Madrid got back to level terms three minutes after the restart, thanks to an own goal from Emerson. 20 minutes later, Emerson was shown a straight red card for denial of a goal-scoring opportunity. Things went from bad to worse for Betis in the 82nd minute, when Marc Bartra was deemed to have handled the ball inside the box following video review. Sergio Ramos stepped up and sealed the win with a delicate chip down the middle.

Full-blown crisis averted, for now, after drawing with Real Sociedad on the opening day of the season.

Valencia 1-1 Huesca

This season looks set to be a hugely difficult one for Valencia as the club endures untold financial hardship and looks to sell off as much of the first-team squad as possible in an attempt to balance the books.

Saturday’s draw with newly promoted Huesca was simply the latest chapter, of which there will be many, of struggle for Javi Gracia’s side.

Other La Liga results

Alaves 0-0 Getafe
Elche 0-3 Real Sociedad

Sunday’s La Liga schedule

Osasuna v Levante — 6 am ET
Eibar v Athletic Bilbao — 8 am ET
Atletico Madrid v Granada – 10 am ET
Cadiz v Sevilla — 12:30 pm ET
Real Valladolid v Celta Vigo — 12:30 pm ET
Barcelona v Villarreal — 3 pm ET

Fulham – Aston Villa: How to watch, start time, team news, prediction, odds

Fulham - Aston Villa
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images
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Fulham – Aston Villa: How early is too early to call a game “must-win” in the Premier League? Perhaps we will find out on Monday (Watch live at 12:45 pm ET, online via Peacock), when bottom-of-the-table Fulham host Aston Villa at Craven Cottage.


Scott Parker’s side has had a torrid start to life back in the PL — not at all dissimilar to the way their last stint ended — and find themselves with zero points and seven goals conceded after their first two games. Losing 3-0 to Arsenal on the opening day of the season wasn’t altogether surprising, but following that defeat with four more goals conceded to Leeds United last weekend will undoubtedly have done a number on the Cottagers’ confidence.

Villa, on the other hand, have played just once and secured a 1-0 victory over Sheffield United earlier this week. A win on Monday would see Dean Smith’s side start the season with back-to-back PL victories for the first time since the 1999-2000 season.

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Here is everything you need to know ahead of Fulham – Aston Villa this Monday with team news, odds, stream link and more.

Team news: Fulham – Aston Villa (INJURY REPORT)

Fulham – No injuries or suspensions

Aston Villa – OUT: Bjorn Engels (thigh), Tom Heaton (knee), Wesley (knee), Ahmed Elmohamady (thigh)

What they’re saying: Fulham – Aston Villa

Scott Parker, on a “must-win” game: “I don’t see it as drastic as a must-win. We want to win. I know it’s either high or low in a drastic world, but we need to stay level and take realism of where we are in the campaign and where we are as a team. We will try everything we can to take some points and be up to the challenge. I don’t think we’re the only team at this present moment in time who have let in some goals in the first two games. It’s not ideal, of course not. Villa at home on Monday is a game we’re going to try to get three points.”

Dean Smith, on needing another signing: “We’re always looking in the market, we’re probably one short in the squad at the moment so we’ll keep looking at that. I think there’s seven days left until the window shuts internationally, another seven days domestically. Our sporting director at the moment has got his finger on the pulse, hopefully we might get one more in and maybe a couple more out.”

Odds and ends (full odds provided by our partner, PointsBet)

This one is just about a coin flip with Fulham (+185) ever so slight underdogs to Villa (+150). In a game that could go either way like this one, the draw (+225) might just be the safe middle ground.

PointsBet is our Official Sports Betting Partner and we may receive compensation if you place a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking our links

Prediction: Fulham – Aston Villa

There’s not much to separate these two sides right now, and there likely won’t be much ground between them come the season’s final table. There should be a few goals, but that’ll be more down to poor defending than excellent attacking quality from either side. Fulham 2-2 Villa.

How to watch Fulham – Aston Villa stream and start time

Kickoff: 12:45 pm ET Monday
Online: Stream via Peacock

Ings secures Saints’ first points in win at Burnley

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Burnley – Southampton saw an early Danny Ings goal lift Saints to their first three points of the 2020-21 Premier League season and a 1-0 victory at Turf Moor on Saturday.

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Burnley had their chances to get back in the game, but a painfully close offside call and a stellar save in the span of 90 second-half seconds left the Clarets with a familiar empty feeling once again.

3 things we learned: Burnley – Southampton

1. Ings a one-season wonder? Yeah, no: For years, the narrative surrounding Ings was “when healthy, the man scores goals.” Now, it’s just “the man scores goals.” Last season: 22 goals in 38 appearances. This season, through three games: three goals. It’s also no coincidence that Ings has proven more and more productive since Che Adams claimed his regular starting spot alongside the talisman. Their partnership has unlocked the best of one another and should continue to do so for some time to come.

2. However, when Ings doesn’t score…: On the other hand, Saints managed all of zero shots on target after Ings’ fifth-minute goal, which was also their first of the game. The free-flowing attacking move that resulted in Ings’ goal was very much the exception, not the rule, as Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side did very little with their nearly 50-50 share of possession. If the wingers in Hassenhuttl’s fairly rigid 4-4-2 aren’t torching defenders one-on-one in space, there’s not much doing in the way of chance creation.

3. Burnley crying out for reinforcements (re-post from Sunday): Sean Dyche had some rather critical thoughts about Burnley’s ongoing inability — or, perhaps, refusal — to move in a more timely manner to sign new players and improve the squad. Until such a change occurs, Dyche’s words are probably worth revisiting regularly.

Saints were quick off the mark and went ahead after just five minutes. Ings got on the end of Adams’ cut-back ball toward the penalty spot with his first touch, and lifted the ball over the last defender. Kyle-Walker Peters’ clever through ball for Adams was worthy of a secondary assist, as the right back played a crucial role in Saints’ incisive build-up.

Burnley had the ball in the back of the net and thought they had drawn level in the 56th minute, but Chris Wood was denied his goal by the assistant referee’s flag. Wood was indeed inches offside as he made his run in behind before lifting the ball over goalkeeper Alex McCarthy and putting it into an empty net.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ]

McCarthy was called into emergency action moments later as Burnley ramped up their pressure on Saints’ goal. Charlie Taylor unleashed a swerving strike from the edge oft he box and it appeared headed for McCarthy’s lower right-hand corner, but the Saints ‘keeper made a spectacular save at full-stretch and pushed the ball around the post.

Ings had a second goal ruled out for offside — this one much more so than Woods’ earlier transgression — in second-half stoppage time.

The victory sees Saints move off the bottom of the table with their first points now in hand, while Burnley sink into 17th with zero points from two games played.

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Transfer news: Rice in, Jorginho out at Chelsea; Skriniar to Spurs

Declan Rice Chelsea
Photo by Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United FC via Getty Images
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Today’s Premier League transfer news includes Chelsea chasing Declan Rice and sending Jorginho to Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur in talks for Milan Skriniar, and Houssem Aouar to Arsenal…

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Jorginho to Arsenal, making way for Rice to Chelsea

Chelsea have not yet given up in their pursuit of West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice, but manager Frank Lampard is reportedly hoping the deal can be done ahead of the Oct. 5 transfer deadline. He does, however, recognize he currently presides of a slightly bloated squad and will likely have to move a player on to bring someone else in. The obviously solution to make way for Declan Rice? Jorginho, who features in a similar position and role, remains a high priority for Arsenal.

Spurs to solidify defense with Skriniar

Tottenham undeniably strengthened their attacking corps both in the January transfer (Steven Bergwijn) window as well as this summer (Gareth Bale), but there remains plenty of rebuilding to be done along the backline, even following the arrival of Sergio Reguilon. Above all else, Jose Mourinho’s side desperately requires a no. 1 center back to organize and command the defense. Milan Skriniar is 25 years old, hugely experienced for a club the size of Inter Milan, widely regarded as one of the best defenders available in the transfer market, and he’s reportedly the apple of someone’s eye at Spurs. The issue, as always with chairman Daniel Levy, is money. Inter want $70 million, which Spurs highly unlikely to fork over.

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Arsenal want Aourar, but Lyon want (a lot) more money

Aouar to Arsenal feels almost inevitable at this point, with the Gunners seemingly set to benefit from Manchester City and Juventus’ inaction toward signing the 22-year-old French midfielder. Their initial bid was rejected by Lyon, but their does appear to be some room to negotiate between the sides’ initial positions. Lyon began with a $69-million valuation, while Arsenal’s bid was reportedly just shy of $45 million. Aouar has reportedly already agreed contract terms with Arsenal, and the move hinges upon the two clubs agreeing a fee.

Brewster to Sheffield United; Villa, Brighton also interested

Rhian Brewster remains a highly rated future prospect for Liverpool, but the 20-year-old has reached the point in his development where he requires first-team PL action in order to become a first-team PL player. He won’t get such an opportunity at Liverpool — not this season, at least — thus he is prepared to leave the club, with the likes of Sheffield United, Aston Villa and Brighton & Hove Albion all reportedly interested. Whether or not he will go out on loan or leave permanently remains up in the air.