Allegations of bite, racial abuse in Ligue 2 match

Ligue 2 bite

There are serious accusations of racial abuse and violence in Ligue 2 after an outrageous incident in Saturday’s Ligue 2 match between Valenciennes and Sochaux-Montbeliard.

Sochaux’s Ousseynou Thioune stands accused of biting Valenciennes goalkeeper Jerome Prior, leaving a bloody wound on the keeper’s cheek.

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But Thioune claims he was reacting a second occasion of Prior calling him “a dirty black,” and that he did not bite the player.

Instead, Thioune says that Prior made the mark on his own cheek and that there are neither “teeth marks” not video evidence of a bite.

I put my head against his cheek, it’s true. And, yes, I was pissed off, I wanted to give it a head butt. But when I thought about it, I pulled my head back. There was no bite.”

Thioune was defended by his manager, and the player left the match after the incident.

Valenciennes president Eddy Zdziech said the bite was “truly regrettable” and called the wound “a really big bite mark.” Prior is yet to make any published remarks on the incident, and his take is important in the wake of such serious allegations.