Mourinho hits out at Harry Kane criticism


Jose Mourinho is not happy that Harry Kane is facing criticism for the penalty he won against Brighton on Sunday. He wants you to focus on the other top six clubs instead.

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Kane won a penalty kick when he backed into Adam Lallana right on the edge of the box and VAR decided the foul happened on the line of the penalty box and was therefore a penalty kick, which he scored in Spurs’ 2-1 win over the Seagulls.

Many pundits and fans have been critical of Kane, calling him clever, and pointing to the fact that he often uses his body well to win free kicks and penalty kicks.

Mourinho wasn’t happy about that. At all.

“You are confused because you could be speaking about some Manchester United players, you could be speaking about some Manchester City players, you could be speaking about some Liverpool players, you could be speaking about some Chelsea players,” Mourinho said. “And you are speaking about Harry Kane? Who was in a position to control the ball in a dangerous position and Lallana comes with a very reckless action and committed a foul. Why are you speaking about being clever or not being clever? Being clever is to hold the ball, and shoot and score. It was a foul.”

“Why are you speaking about us? Speak about Liverpool, speak about Manchester City, speak about Manchester United. Speak about these penalties where you see the clever guy… when somebody comes and blows, they fall on the floor. Don’t speak about Harry Kane.”

I’m going to run the risk of upsetting Mourinho: we all know Kane was being clever to win that penalty kick.

He knew exactly what he was doing and Kane is very, very good at winning fouls this way. Mourinho doesn’t want a discussion around it, because referees (who are human beings, don’t forget) will now be looking out for it more and may not award Tottenham as many free kicks and penalty kicks.

Kane seems like an honest enough player but there’s no doubt he was bending the rules to make sure he received the contact from Lallana and everyone saw that. It was clever play and Mourinho doesn’t want to admit it because of the implications it will have on Kane in the future.

For the record, there has been plenty of criticism of Mohamed Salah for going down to easily against West Ham too, and Mourinho knows that. He just wants the criticism to go elsewhere, but if a player is being clever to win a free kick or penalty, it is what it is. Everyone saw what Kane did and accepted it for what it was. Except for Mourinho.