Mourinho wary of Arsenal coach working with Bale on Wales staff


Gareth Bale is officially back in the Wales squad for next week’s fixtures against the U.S. men’s national team (friendly), Ireland and Finland (UEFA Nations League).

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Typically, that news would be reason to celebrate a player’s return from injuries previously keeping him out of the picture. Tottenham Horspur manager Jose Mourinho isn’t as thrilled as the Welsh fans will be, and he’s even less impressed by the fact that Arsenal coach Albert Stuivenberg will be part of the Wales coaching staff for the upcoming training camp — quotes from Sky Sports:

“I think from what I’m reading that it is not [Ryan] Giggs that is responsible for these matches. I’m sorry about it because on the previous fixtures he called me, we spoke about Ben Davies — not Gareth, because Gareth was not there — but we spoke about Ben Davies.

“We shared opinions about the situation which is probably not going to happen this time and the fact that one of the coaches is an Arsenal coach doesn’t make me very comfortable.

“Honestly, it doesn’t make me very comfortable. I think national teams should have coaches that work exclusively for them and not coaches that work for other clubs.”

As for the overall fitness of Gareth Bale and suitability to undertake the additional workload that is international competition, Mourinho is desperately hoping that Tottenham’s weeks of hard work and patience isn’t “destroyed” by a few minutes of mismanagement.

“I think he’s getting better and better and better and today I felt that he could play 90 minutes but it’s not about can or cannot. It’s about managing the situation and keeping safe because he’s a player that needs to be safe.

“He’s a player that’s had enough problems in the past. He’s working so much and we all are working so much and so carefully with him that we don’t want to destroy the work that everybody has been doing for the past couple of months”

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