Manchester United’s Harry Maguire: ‘People don’t want us to do well’

Harry Maguire
Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Harry Maguire has a take on why people are so hyper critical of Manchester United and seemingly it all boils down to jealousy.

United beat Everton 3-1 on Sunday to pick up just a second league win in five Premier League outings, and Maguire continued his return to starring form at the back.

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Context is important here: Maguire was asked a question by his club’s TV channel about “a lot of people have a lot of things to say about United,” and the captain was coming off a big and needed win.


“At this club one thing I’ve noticed in my time here is we are the most talked-about club in the world. Why? Because we are the biggest club in the world. People don’t want us to do well. Why? Probably because of the success we’ve had in the past. We have to live up to that, we have to react to it and don’t let the negatives get into our bubble inside the training ground. Sometimes it is difficult for the lads.”

You have to appreciate Maguire’s help in making sure people who don’t like United stay people who don’t like United.

In other words, to quote a comedy from earlier this century: They hate us cause they ain’t us.

This is actually a clever way to respond, because at a club like United it’s illogical to play the underdog card and this is the closest avenue to produce a similar vibe.

It’s a bit of a siege mentality that leans into the history of the club, and the current manager — for all of his perceived in-game faults — often exudes the team’s past exploits in a page right out of Sir Alex Ferguson’s playbook.

Plus, if Maguire simply creates another villain for the PL, well, it’s only going to lead to more entertainment.

Go on, son, especially if you go on playing at your best.