MLS’ Houston Dynamo, NWSL’s Houston Dash get crest rebrands

Houston rebrand

The Houston Dynamo have done rebranding right, in our humble opinion, and the Houston Dash aren’t far behind.

Both Houston’s MLS and NWSL clubs have changed up their looks ahead of new seasons, the men opting for an interlocking HD and the women going with a big H for H-Town.

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The sides ditched 3D soccer balls. The Dynamo added a straight-forward lightning bolt at the bottom of their logo while the Dash have a four-pointed star.

The Dynamo’s HD recalls logo icons for — at least to this writer — two Scottish clubs, Dundee United and Glasgow Rangers. It links the city and the club name with a mark that could become iconic both for a club and on gear.

The club says both rebrands have to do with becoming more inclusive and together. That’s more action than a look, but the look is definitely an improvement. Read more on the decision here.