Klopp on huge mistakes from Alisson; Guardiola may put Ederson on penalty kicks


Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson was ‘very disappointed’ after his two huge errors helped Manchester City en-route to a 4-1 win at Anfield, while Ederson could soon be a hero at the other end of the pitch…

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Alisson, 28, is usually so unflappable in possession but his two catastrophic errors with the ball at his feet led to City’s goals and one of the best goalkeepers in the world was visibly distraught as he looked at the Anfield pitch in disgust.

The “Alisson in Blunderland” headlines were already written.

Speaking to reporters on a conference call after the game, Klopp was asked how Alisson was doing and if mistakes of that magnitude were something you just couldn’t legislate for.

“I spoke to him a few seconds ago. He is obviously very disappointed and he said ‘not today, not today.’ And I said ‘yeah, that is the problem with mistakes, you cannot decide when you make them. The only thing you can do is learn from them.’ That is what he will do and it will never happen to him again. I am pretty sure. Tonight it was decisive, I would say. That’s okay. He saved our lives I don’t know how often and is an absolutely a world class goalie. Tonight, some things went a little bit wrong. We have to take that and then we do that,” Klopp said.

What did Klopp say to Alisson?

Focusing on the specifics, Klopp was asked what he said to Alisson.

The German coach was as blunt, and brilliant, as usual.

“I said to him already ‘we have stands… you can kick the ball there!'” Klopp said. “It is like it is. It is not a mistake. It is a little bit a summary of the different things that came together. We didn’t offer exactly the right things because in the first half Ali played exceptional football, was really calm on the ball and passed it through small spaces. Exactly what we wanted him to do.

“In the second half, in the beginning, he didn’t do that. He didn’t see the offers because we didn’t make them in exactly the right way and then the problem is he doesn’t kick the ball somewhere that is far away from the dangerous spots. He knows that. I cannot help him now throughout the night, but we all have nights like this. Tomorrow he will be okay again and then we go again.”

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With center backs missing through injury, goalscorers struggling for momentum and now Alisson making huge gaffes, just about everything that could go wrong is going wrong for the reigning Premier League champions right now.

Liverpool are 27 points worse off at this stage of the season compared to the same stage last season, which is the biggest drop by any reigning champion at this stage of a campaign in English top-flight history.

They are 10 points behind leaders Manchester City (who have a game in-hand) as Klopp has admitted that finishing in the top four is now his main aim, as they’ve lost three-straight home games in the league for the first time since September 1963.

Ederson to take penalty kicks for Manchester City?

As for the Premier League champions elect, this was a great weekend for Man City.

Not only did they beat Liverpool but Manchester United, Leicester City and West Ham all dropped points.

The only negative for City was that they missed yet another penalty kick. Kevin de Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez and now Ilkay Gundogan have all missed penalty kicks against Liverpool in recent outings and that is causing Guardiola a headache.

Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero have had their problems from the spot too, and with Ederson previously saying he was the best penalty taker at the club, Guardiola joked about his goalkeeper coming up to take them during games.

Turns out that Pep isn’t joking about it anymore.

“It was a half joke,” Guardiola laughed, when asked by ProSoccerTalk. “When I commented on this six months ago it was a joke. Now it is a half joke. I will consider it will not be a joke and he could be a taker. We don’t have a real specialist in this area, for example Salah and how he is. In these kind of games and on all kind of stages if you miss a penalty it punishes you a lot. Fortunately, today we can turn over. We have to talk about that issue. I am still thinking that Kevin [de Bruyne] is a fantastic taker, and Gundogan is a fantastic taker too. What I want is the guy who takes the personality to say ‘I am going to take the penalty and I am going to score a goal.’ This is what I want.”

That sound you can hear is every single Premier League Fantasy player scrambling to get Ederson in their team. ‘Loads of shutouts and a penalty kick taker! Imagine the fantasy points!?’

On a serious note, this could happen. As long as City keep a few players back, just in case Ederson misses, they should be set.

We can see it now: Ederson steps up to take a penalty kick in the final minute of the UEFA Champions League final to win it for City. You heard it hear first…