Report: Two Premier League clubs could pull out of Super League


The uproar over plans for a proposed European Super League could lead to some of the 12 ‘founding clubs’ pulling out.

At least two of the six Premier League clubs are reportedly contemplating walking away, while other reports suggest that all of the members are totally focused on the plan.

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Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have signed up for the Super League, along with Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid from Spain and AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus from Italy.

Owners of Premier League clubs are yet to comment on the plans, aside from the press released which was dropped on Sunday.

Their idea is to create a separate midweek competition which would replace the UEFA Champions League, and all 12 teams would be guaranteed a spot each season and huge financial rewards.

The tournament could have as many as 20 teams, but there will be no qualification needed for the 12 founding members, plus three other teams, each season.

What are the reports saying?

A report from The Times suggests that one Premier League club has had serious second thoughts after the proposed Super League was announced and could pull out altogether, with cracks starting to appear among the rebel clubs.

Another report from the Daily Mail says two are contemplating their part in the Super League given the strong reaction against it from FIFA, UEFA, government officials, fans, players and pretty much everybody in-between.

The next few days will be crucial in seeing how serious the 12 founding clubs are about this proposed Super League, as other reports suggest a 23-year contract has been signed by the clubs and it may be very tough for them to back out now.

There is still time for PL clubs to backtrack and hold their hands up and admit they got it wrong, and it seems like some are having doubts.

But it may be a case of now they’ve signed up to be part of this deal that they legally can’t back out. What a mess.