PHOTOS: Ranking new Premier League kits for 2021-22

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Plenty of new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season have been released, so let’s have a look at the fresh jerseys for next season.

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Premier League clubs have started to roll out their new kits and some have even worn their shirts for next season already.

Based on those previews and the newly-released kits, we will have a go at ranking the best of the bunch.

Remember: there is no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to taste.

Luckily, ProSoccerTalk has a lot of that…

Anyway, below are the new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season which have been released, so far, and we will update this over the summer with more rankings and thoughts.

Ranking new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season

1. Manchester City

What an absolute beauty this is. All blue kit which is just pure. The white panels on the ribs also add a really nice touch. City have kept it simple, like a lot of teams this season, and the end product is sensational. Note to all kit suppliers: simplicity is underrated.

2. Liverpool

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Simple but with a touch of class, this Liverpool home shirt is a beauty. The slight diagonal lines through the kit are beautiful, and so too is the orangey-red trim. Their away kit pushes them up in our latest rankings, as it is a nod to some of their past away jerseys and is extremely stylish. You can wear that away number with some jeans out at the pub.

3. Everton

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Gorgeous away kits from Hummel, who have a nod to Everton’s past. The Danish brand are back in the soccer game in a big way and they’re doing a fantastic job to update some of these retro looks. Everton’s fans are happy. With their kit.

As for the home kit, well, a lot of Everton fans were underwhelmed as it was released after the away kit.

4. Arsenal

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A lovely retro look to the yellow away jersey. The logo is a throwback one too, and I love how huge it is! This shade of yellow is also fantastic and really takes you back to the 1970s. Which, with a retro design, is precisely what they’re trying to do. Well done. As for the home kit, it’s okay. Nothing too special about it, but it’s not bad either. The blue trim and sponsor stripes is a nice touch and looks like the kits from the glorious mid 1990s.

5. Tottenham

Keeping it simple is sometimes the best thing to do and Spurs have done that. The result is this elegant number, and it will be a huge favorite with the fans. The sleek look and pure white design is classic and this is retro with modern touches. Will Harry Kane be wearing this kit, though?

As for the away kit, well, it’s out there. The cosmic theme is definitely different and you know what, I kind of like it. There’s a lot of negativity around Spurs right now given the Kane saga, taking a long time to hire a new manager and more, but they’ve had some fun with this away kit. It’s so different that it works.

6. Southampton

Now, there’s only so much you can do with red and white stripes but this is a great first kit from new Saints kit supplier Hummel. After several years with Under Armour, who experimented a lot with other designs, Saints moved to Hummel from this summer and are back in their famous red and white stripes.

Hummel were their kit sponsors throughout the 1980s and early 1990s and surely there will be lots more retro kits to come. Only gripe: could we have red and white stripes on the back of the kit too? As for the new away kit, well, that’s a beauty. Lovely all-black kit and changing the sponsor to red is epic, as too is the blueprint of the two stadiums in club history being printed on the jersey.

7. Manchester United

The Red Devils have played it safe with this one, and the retro look is very cool. The big change is that Chevrolet are no longer their main shirt sponsor and have been replaced with TeamViewer. A plain red shirt is underrated and United’s fans will be snapping this shirt up, probably with Jadon Sancho’s name and number on the back.

8. Leeds United

This is pretty cool. Leeds have kept it simple and the only issue is the sleeve sponsor sticking out massively. Other than that, love the fresh, clean look. All white kits and Leeds United go together like fish and chips. It’s just how things are meant to be. Well done.

9. Burnley

Really like this from Burnley. The sleeves are very snazzy and this changes things up a little from previous jerseys. The classic look is also a winner with the round neck a winner too. Good job, Clarets.

10. Brighton

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Well, see above. Further along the south coast, Brighton have also gone back to their traditional stripes. Last season they played in blue and had small white pinstripes, but their new kit, which they debuted in the big win against Manchester City in their final home game of the season, is what you would expect. It feels like Brighton have had this same exact kit about 45 times in their history. Still, there’s only so much you can do with stripes.

As for the away kit, well, that is a beauty. Love the turquoise and it really stands out from other away kits out there.

11. Aston Villa

Lovely little tartan-esque print design to make it a little snazzy. Only so much you can do with claret and blue. It’s okay, but I think Villa’s fans were expecting a little more. At least it seems likely that Jack Grealish will be wearing it next season, so that’s a huge bonus.

12. Newcastle United

The Magpies have switched to Castore as their kit supplier, and the result is this classic look with a rounded collar. The buttons are a hallmark of plenty of Newcastle kits in the past, but it doesn’t quite work here. Still, not bad at all.

13. Brentford

A very decent effort from Brentford for their first-ever season in the Premier League. The home kit is sleek and exactly what you would expect from the Bees, but the yellow away kit is the real winner here. Lovely design and it definitely stands out. All in all, a solid first go at a PL kit for the west London club.

14. Wolves

Castore have also taken over making Wolves’ kit too and this is a safe, but uninspiring, jersey. It is absolutely fine. Nothing more. Nothing less.

15. Chelsea

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Now, Chelsea are out there with their kit designs and there is a little too much going on for me here. Lots of different types of patterns and I’m not a fan of the yellow stripe up the side. Keep it simple with a nice blue version of what Tottenham had. Fair play for trying something different, but probably best to stick to a classic design.

16. Norwich City

Quite smart, but there is a lot going on here. Maybe just a plain yellow shirt would have been better? Anyway, it is tough not to like Daniel Farke and his players. The Canaries will entertain this season.

17. West Ham United

I’m all over recreating a classic (this focuses on Fila kits from the late 1990s and early 2000s, but this just doesn’t quite work. I quite like it at a glance, but when you start to stare a little more, it isn’t a grower.

18. Leicester City

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In the nicest way possible, this looks like a template kit from the lower leagues. The sponsor logo is huge and doesn’t really fit the shirt, and the spotty design just doesn’t look good. Sorry, Foxes fans.