2022 World Cup qualifying: How to watch, schedule, odds


World Cup qualifying. Drink it in, it sometimes goes down smooth.

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Qatar. That’s currently the lone team set for the 2022 World Cup, because it’s hosting the 2022 World Cup in what has been totally devoid of controversy. None at all.

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The 2022 World Cup will be contested from Nov. 21 to December 18 by 32 teams.

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Here’s how the 31 other nations to compete for the world’s most celebrated international trophy will be determined, as well as the current odds for who could win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

World Cup qualifying is just getting interesting and there are plenty of twists and turns ahead.

How to watch USMNT and CONCACAF World Cup qualifying

CONCACAF World Cup qualifying: NBC’s Telemundo Deportes and Universo + CBS, FoxSports.com, FS1, TUDN

Wednesday Sept. 8
Canada vs El Salvador– 7:30pm ET – NBC’s Telemundo Deportes App
Costa Rica vs Jamaica — 9:00pm ET – NBC’s Telemundo Deportes App
Panama vs Mexico — 8:05pm ET – NBC’s Telemundo Deportes and Universo
Honduras vs USMNT — 10:30pm ET – NBC’s Telemundo Deportes and Universo

Qualified nations for 2022 World Cup

CAF: None
AFC: Qatar (hosts)
OFC: None
UEFA: None

African (CAF) World Cup qualif. schedule (SCORES + LATEST NEWS)

Africa will put five teams in the 2022 World Cup.

The first round has already been staged, and the second round will not begin until May 31, 2021. It will run through Oct. 12, 2021.

The second round groups have been drawn but game dates have not been finalized.

Ten winners from the second round will be drawn into five home-and-away third round ties.

The winners of those five ties, staged Nov. 8-16, 2021, will head to Qatar.

Group A: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Djibouti
Group B: Tunisia, Zambia, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea
Group C: Nigeria, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Liberia
Group D: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Malawi
Group E: Mali, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda
Group F: Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Angola
Group G: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia
Group H: Senegal, Rep of Congo, Namibia, Togo
Group I: Morocco, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan
Group J: Dem Rep of Congo, Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania

Wednesday Sept. 1

Central African Republic 1-1 Cape Verde
Guinea-Bissau 1-1 Guinea
Senegal 2-0 Togo
Mali 1-0 Rwanda
Libya 2-1 Gabon
Egypt 1-0 Angola

Thursday Sept. 2

Kenya 0-0 Uganda
DR Congo 1-1 Tanzania
Niger 0-2 Burkina Faso
Namibia 1-1 Congo
Madagascar 0-1 Benin
Algeria 8-0 Djibouti
Morocco 2-0 Sudan

Friday Sept. 3

Mozambique 0-0 Ivory Coast
Zimbabwe 0-0 South Africa
Nigeria 2-0 Liberia
Mauritania 1-2 Zambia
Tunisia 3-0 Equatorial Guinea
Cameroon 2-0  Malawi
Ghana 1-0 Ethiopia

Sunday Sept. 5

Rwanda 1-1 Kenya
Togo 0-1 Namibia
Gabon 1-1 Egypt

Monday Sept. 6

Djibouti 2-4 Niger
Uganda 0-0 Mali
Benin 1-1 DR Congo
Liberia 1-0 Central American Republic
South Africa 1-0 Ghana
Guinea vs Morocco — postponed
Ivory Coast 2-1 Cameroon — 3pm ET

Tuesday Sept. 7

Zambia 0-2 Tunisia
Malawi 1-0 Mozambique
Tanzania 3-2 Madagascar
Equatorial Guinea 1-0 Mauritania
Cape Verde 1-2 Nigeria
Republic of Congo 1-3 Senegal
Ethiopia 1-0 Zimbabwe
Burkina Faso 1-1 Algeria
Angola 0-1 Libya
Sudan 2-4 Guinea-Bissau

World Cup qualifying
Mohamed Salah of Egypt and Liverpool celebrates his goal with Ahmed El Mohamady of Aston Villa during the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (Photo by Visionhaus)

October 6

Niger vs Algeria
Burkina Faso vs Djibouti
Zambia vs Equatorial Guinea
Cape Verde vs Liberia
Mozambique vs Cameroon
Libya vs Egypt
Gabon vs Angola
Namibia vs Senegal
Zimbabwe vs Ghana
Ivory Coast vs Malawi
Guinea vs Sudan
Madagascar vs Democratic Republic of Congo
Guinea-Bissau vs Morocco
Benin vs Tanzania
Central African Republic vs Nigeria
Mauritania vs Tunisia
Uganda vs Rwanda
Rep of Congo vs Togo

October 10

Algeria vs Niger
Djibouti vs Burkina Faso
Tunisia vs Mauritania
Mali vs Kenya
Cameroon vs Mozambique
Rwanda vs Uganda
Egypt vs Libya
Ethiopia vs South Africa
Ghana vs Zimbabwe
Equatorial Guinea vs Zambia
Nigeria vs Central African Republic
Liberia vs Cape Verde
Togo vs Rep of Congo
Morocco vs Guinea-Bissau
Dem Rep of Congo vs Madagascar
Sudan vs Guinea
Angola vs Gabon
Malawi vs Ivory Coast
Senegal vs Namibia
Tanzania vs Benin

Asian (AFC) World Cup qualif. schedule (SCORES + LATEST NEWS)

Currently in the second round of World Cup qualifying, the first-place teams from eight groups will make the third round along with four second-place teams (a fifth if hosts Qatar are among the aforementioned 12).

The third round has two groups of six teams. The first two teams in each group make the World Cup.

The two third-place teams play home-and-away on March 24 and 29, 2022, with the winner making the inter-confederation playoffs, scheduled for June 2022.

Third round

Thursday Sept. 2

Japan 0-1 Oman
South Korea 0-0 Iraq
Iran 1-0 Syria
UAE 0-0 Lebanon
Australia 3-0 China
Saudi Arabia 3-1 Vietnam

Tuesday Sept. 7

South Korea 1-0 Lebanon
Vietnam 0-1 Australia
China 0-1 Japan
Oman 0-1 Saudi Arabia
Syria 1-1 UAE
Iraq 0-3 Iran

World Cup qualifying
Heung-min Son of South Korea and Tottenham Hotspur (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

October 7

Japan vs Saudi Arabia
Lebanon vs Iraq
Syria vs South Korea
Iran vs UAE
Vietnam vs China
Oman vs Australia

October 12

China vs Saudi Arabia
Vietnam vs Oman
Lebanon vs Syria
Australia vs Japan
South Korea vs Iran
Iraq vs UAE

November 11

Iran vs Lebanon
UAE vs South Korea
Oman vs China
Saudi Arabia vs Australia
Japan vs Vietnam
Syria vs Iraq

November 16

UAE vs Lebanon
Japan vs Oman
Iran vs Syria
Australia vs China
Saudi Arabia vs Vietnamm
South Korea vs Iraq

January 27, 2022

Vietnam vs Australia
South Korea vs Lebanon
Syria vs UAE
Iraq vs Iran
China vs Japan
Oman vs Saudi Arabia

February 1, 2022

Saudi Arabia vs Japan
UAE vs Iran
South Korea vs Syria
Iraq vs Lebanon
Australia vs Oman
China vs Vietnam

March 24, 2022

Japan vs Australia
Syria vs Lebanon
Saudi Arabia vs China
UAE vs Iraq
Oman vs Vietnam
Iran vs South Korea

March 29, 2022

Lebanon vs Iran
South Korea v UAE
Australia vs Saudi Arabia
Iraq vs Syria
China vs Oman
Vietnam vs Japan

CONCACAF World Cup qualifying schedule (SCORES + LATEST NEWS)

North and Central America’s first round of qualifying began in March, and now we know who’s qualified to join the USMNT, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Jamaica in the second stage Octagonal.

Four of the eight teams will qualify for the World Cup, with a fifth team making an inter-confederation playoff, scheduled for June 2022.

Here are the first three rounds of matches

Thursday Sept. 2
Canada 1-1 Honduras
Panama 0-0 Costa Rica
Mexico 2-1 Jamaica

Sunday Sept. 5
Jamaica 0-3 Panama
Costa Rica 0-1 Mexico
El Salvador 0-0 Honduras

Wednesday Sept. 8
Canada 3-0 El Salvador
Costa Rica 1-1 Jamaica
Panama 1-1 Mexico – RECAP

NASHVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 05: United States defender Sergio Dest (2) battles with Canada midfielder Stephen Eustaquio (7) and defender Samuel Adekugbe (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images).

October 7

Jamaica vs USMNT — 7:30pm ET
Costa Rica vs Honduras
Canada vs Mexico
Panama vs El Salvador

October 10

El Salvador vs Costa Rica
Canada vs Jamaica
Honduras vs Mexico
USMNT vs Panama — 9:05pm ET

October 13

Costa Rica vs USMNT — 7pm ET
Panama vs Canada
Jamaica vs Honduras
Mexico vs El Salvador

November 12

Mexico vs USMNT
Costa Rica vs Canada
Panama vs Honduras
Jamaica vs El Salvador

November 16

El Salvador vs Panama
Honduras vs Costa Rica
Mexico vs Canada
USMNT vs Jamaica

January 27, 2022

Panama vs Costa Rica
Mexico vs Jamaica
El Salvador vs USMNT
Canada vs Honduras

January 30, 2022

Jamaica vs Panama
Costa Rica vs Mexico
El Salvador vs Honduras
USMNT vs Canada

February 2, 2022

Honduras vs USMNT
Costa Rica vs Jamaica
Panama vs Mexico
Canada vs El Salvador

March 24, 2022

Honduras vs Panama
El Salvador vs Jamaica
USMNT vs Mexico
Canada vs Costa Rica

March 27, 2022

Costa Rica vs El Salvador
Jamaica vs Canada
Panama vs USMNT
Mexico vs Hondura

March 30, 2022

Canada vs Panama
USMNT vs Costa Rica
El Salvador vs Mexico
Honduras vs Jamaica

CONMEBOL World Cup qualif. schedule (SCORES + LATEST NEWS)

Each of 10 teams plays the other nine home-and-away. The top four teams make the World Cup and the fifth-place team goes to the inter-confederation playoffs, scheduled for June 2022.

Out of all of the continental World Cup qualifying campaigns, this has to be the best.

Matchday 1

Uruguay 2-1 Chile
Paraguay 2-2 Peru
Argentina 1-0 Ecuador
Colombia 3-0 Venezuela
Brazil 5-0 Bolivia

Matchday 2

Bolivia 1-2 Argentina
Ecuador 4-2 Uruguay
Venezuela 0-1 Paraguay
Peru 2-4 Brazil
Chile 2-2 Colombia

Matchday 3

Colombia 0-3 Uruguay
Brazil 1-0 Venezuela
Bolivia 2-3 Ecuador
Argentina 1-1 Paraguay
Chile 2-0 Peru

Matchday 4

Uruguay 0-2 Brazil
Peru 0-2 Argentina
Venezuela 2-1 Chile
Paraguay 1-1 Bolivia
Ecuador 6-1 Colombia

Matchday 5 — Postponed

Colombia v Brazil
Venezuela v Ecuador
Bolivia v Peru
Argentina v Uruguay
Chile v Paraguay

Matchday 6 — Postponed to Sept. 5

Brazil v Argentina — Suspended
Ecuador 0-0 Chile
Uruguay 4-2 Bolivia
Paraguay 1-1 Colombia
Peru 1-0 Venezuela

Matchday 7

Uruguay 0-0 Paraguay
Peru 0-3 Colombia
Brazil 2-0 Ecuador
Bolivia 3-1 Venezuela
Argentina 1-1 Chile

Matchday 8

Colombia 2-2 Argentina
Venezuela 0-0 Uruguay
Paraguay 0-2 Brazil
Chile 1-1 Bolivia
Ecuador 1-2 Peru

Matchday 9

Bolivia 1-1 Colombia
Ecuador 2-0 Paraguay
Venezuela 1-3 Argentina
Peru 1-1 Uruguay
Chile 0-1 Brazil

World Cup qualifying
Willian of Brazil and Arsenal is tackled by Gonzalo Jara of Chile (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Matchday 10 — Thurs Sept. 9

Uruguay v Ecuador — 6:30pm ET
Paraguay v Venezuela — 6:30pm ET
Colombia v Chile — 7pm ET
Argentina v Bolivia– 7:30pm ET
Brazil v Peru — 8:30pm ET

Matchday 11

Uruguay v Colombia — Oct. 7, 2021
Peru v Chile — Oct. 7, 2021
Venezuela v Brazil — Oct. 7, 2021
Paraguay v Argentina — Oct. 7, 2021
Ecuador v Bolivia — Oct. 7, 2021

Matchday 12

Colombia v Ecuador — Oct. 12, 2021
Brazil v Uruguay — Oct. 12, 2021
Bolivia v Paraguay — Oct. 12, 2021
Argentina v Peru — Oct. 12, 2021
Chile v Venezuela — Oct. 12, 2021

Matchday 13

Uruguay v Argentina — Nov. 11, 2021
Peru v Bolivia — Nov. 11, 2021
Brazil v Colombia — Nov. 11, 2021
Paraguay v Chile — Nov. 11, 2021
Ecuador v Venezuela — Nov. 11, 2021

Matchday 14

Colombia v Paraguay — Nov. 16, 2021
Venezuela v Peru — Nov. 16, 2021
Bolivia v Uruguay — Nov. 16, 2021
Argentina v Brazil — Nov. 16, 2021
Chile v Ecuador — Nov. 16, 2021

Matchday 15

Colombia v Peru — Jan. 27, 2022
Venezuela v Bolivia — Jan. 27, 2022
Paraguay v Uruguay — Jan. 27, 2022
Chile v Argentina — Jan. 27, 2022
Ecuador v Brazil — Jan. 27, 2022

Matchday 16

Uruguay v Venezuela — Feb. 1, 2022
Peru v Ecuador — Feb. 1, 2022
Brazil v Paraguay — Feb. 1, 2022
Bolivia v Chile — Feb. 1, 2022
Argentina v Colombia — Feb. 1, 2022

Matchday 17

Uruguay v Peru — March 24, 2022
Colombia v Bolivia — March 24, 2022
Brazil v Chile — March 24, 2022
Paraguay v Ecuador — March 24, 2022
Argentina v Venezuela — March 24, 2022

Matchday 18

Peru v Paraguay — March 29, 2022
Venezuela v Colombia — March 29, 2022
Bolivia v Brazil — March 29, 2022
Chile v Uruguay — March 29, 2022
Ecuador v Argentina — March 29, 2022

CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying
Lionel Messi of Argentina and Barcelona fights for the ball with Moises Caicedo of Ecuador (Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)

Oceanic (OFC) World Cup qualif. schedule (SCORES + LATEST NEWS)

The 11 nations of Oceania compete for one spot in the inter-confederations playoffs in June 2022.

Yet to be drawn, thanks to several postponements, OFC qualifying may begin in January 2022 with the hopes of staging enough matches to get a playoff team by June.

Australia is no longer in OFC but advanced to eight of the other nine playoffs, with Israel winning OFC in 1990 after competing in the confederation for political reasons.

Only four times has an OFC team gone to World Cup, Australia in 1974 and 2006 and New Zealand in 1982 and 2010.

World Cup qualifying
Chris Wood of New Zealand and Burnley (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

UEFA World Cup qualif. schedule (SCORES + LATEST NEWS)

Thirteen European nations get spots in the 2022 World Cup.

The winners of the home-and-away round-robin group stage, held March to November 2021, go to the World Cup, as this qualifying tournament is always absolutely bonkers.

Ten runners-up will be joined by the best two Nations League group winners that did not finish in the top two of their qualifying group. The 12 teams will be separated into three groups of four, who will play semifinals and finals to determine the three remaining World Cup participants from UEFA.

The playoff semifinals will be held March 24-25, 2022, and the finals will be held March 28-29.

March 24-25

Portugal 1-0 Azerbaijan
Serbia 3-2 Republic of Ireland
Finland 2-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina
France 1-1 Ukraine
Belgium 3-1 Wales
Estonia 2-6 Czech Republic
Gibraltar 0-3 Norway
Turkey 4-2 Netherlands
Latvia 1-2 Montenegro
Cyprus 0-0 Slovakia
Malta 1-3 Russia
Slovenia 1-0 Croatia
Spain 1-1 Greece
Bulgaria 1-3 Switzerland
Italy 2-0 Northern Ireland
Israel 0-2 Denmark
Hungary 3-3 Poland
Moldova 1-1 Faroe Islands
Scotland 2-2 Austria
Germany 3-0 Iceland
Andorra 0-1 Albania
Liechtenstein 0-1 Armenia
Romania 3-2 North Macedonia
England 5-0 San Marino
Sweden 1-0 Georgia

March 27-28

Russia 2-1 Slovenia
Montenegro 4-1 Gibraltar
Croatia 1-0 Cyprus
Norway 0-3 Turkey
Netherlands 2-0 Latvia
Belarus 4-2 Estonia
Czech Republic 1-1 Belgium
Ireland 0-1 Luxembourg
Slovakia 2-2 Malta
Serbia 2-2 Portugal
Kazakhstan 0-2 France
Denmark 8-0 Moldova
Albania 0-2 England
Georgia 1-2 Spain
Armenia 2-0 Iceland
Romania 0-1 Germany
Austria 3-1 Faroe Islands
Switzerland 1-0 Lithuania
Bulgaria 0-2 Italy
San Marino 0-3 Hungary
Ukraine 1-1 Finland
North Macedonia 5-0 Liechtenstein
Israel 1-1 Scotland
Kosovo 0-3 Sweden
Poland 3-0 Andorra

March 30-31

Germany 1-2 North Macedonia
Turkey 3-3 Latvia
Azerbaijan 1-2 Serbia
Belgium 8-0 Belarus
Armenia 3-2 Romania
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-1 France
Andorra 1-4 Hungary
Gibraltar 0-7 Netherlands
Luxembourg 1-3 Portugal
Cyprus 1-0 Slovenia
Liechtenstein 1-4 Iceland
Northern Ireland 0-0 Bulgaria
Austria 0-4 Denmark
Greece 1-1 Georgia
Croatia 3-0 Malta
Wales 1-0 Czech Republic
Slovakia 2-1 Russia
San Marino 0-2 Albania
Ukraine 1-1 Kazakhstan
Moldova 1-4 Israel
Scotland 4-0 Faroe Islands
Spain 3-1 Kosovo
Montenegro 0-1 Norway
Lithuania 0-2 Italy
England 2-1 Poland

Wednesday Sept. 1

Kazakhstan 2-2 Ukraine
Portugal 2-1 Ireland – Ronaldo breaks men’s record
France 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Latvia 3-1 Gibraltar
Norway 1-1 Netherlands
Faroe Islands 0-4 Israel
Moldova 0-2 Austria
Denmark 2-0 Scotland
Russia 0-0 Croatia
Luxembourg 2-1 Azerbaijan
Turkey 2-2 Montenegro
Slovenia 1-1 Slovakia
Malta 3-0 Cyprus

Thursday Sept. 2

Georgia 0-1 Kosovo
Liechtenstein 0-2 Germany
Czech Republic 1-0 Belarus
Andorra 2-0 San Marino
Poland 4-1 Albania
Italy 1-1 Bulgaria
Lithuania 1-4 Northern Ireland
North Macedonia 0-0 Armenia
Estonia 2-5 Belgium
Sweden 2-1 Spain
Iceland 0-2 Romania
Hungary 0-4 England

Saturday Sept. 4

Finland 1-0 Kazakhstan
Ireland 1-1 Azerbaijan
Latvia 0-2 Norway
Serbia 4-1 Luxembourg
Cyprus 0-2 Russia
Slovenia 1-0 Malta
Netherlands 4-0 Montenegro
Faroe Islands 0-1 Denmark
Gibraltar 0-3 Turkey
Ukraine 1-1 France
Israel 5-2 Austria
Slovakia 0-1 Croatia
Scotland 1-0 Moldova

Sunday Sept. 5

Belarus 2-3 Wales
Iceland 2-2 North Macedonia
Albania 1-0 Hungary
England 4-0 Andorra
Bulgaria 1-0 Lithuania
Spain 4-0 Georgia
Germany 6-0 Armenia
Switzerland 0-0 Italy
San Marino 1-7 Poland
Belgium 3-0 Czech Republic
Romania 2-0 Liechtenstein
Kosovo 1-1 Greece

Tuesday Sept. 7

Azerbaijan 0-3 Portugal
Russia 2-0 Malta
Norway 5-1 Gibraltar
France 2-0 Finland
Faroe Islands 2-1 Moldova
Montenegro 0-0 Latvia
Slovakia 2-0 Cyprus
Denmark 5-0 Israel
Croatia 3-0 Slovenia
Netherlands 6-1 Turkey
Austria 0-1 Scotland
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-2 Kazakhstan
Ireland 1-1 Serbia

Wednesday Sept. 8

Armenia 1-1 Liechtenstein
Iceland 0-4 Germany
Belarus 0-1 Belgium
Hungary 2-1 Andorra
North Macedonia 0-0 Romania
Poland 1-1 England
Albania 5-0 San Marino
Kosovo 0-2 Spain
Italy 5-0 Lithuania
Northern Ireland 0-0 Switzerland
Wales 0-0 Estonia
Greece 2-1 Sweden

World Cup qualifying
Poland’s late strike on Sept. 8 ended England’s perfect group stage (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Friday, October 8

Czech Republic vs Wales
Estonia vs Belarus
Gibraltar vs Montenegro
Latvia vs Netherlands
Turkey vs Norway
Cyprus vs Croatia
Malta vs Slovenia
Russia vs Slovakia
Germany vs Romania
Iceland vs Armenia
Liechtenstein vs North Macedonia

Saturday, October 9

Azerbaijan vs Republic of Ireland
Luxembourg vs Serbia
Georgia vs Greece
Sweden vs Kosovo
Lithuania vs Bulgaria
Switzerland vs Northern Ireland
Kazakhstan vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
Finland vs Ukraine
Scotland vs Israel
Faroe Islands vs Austria
Moldova vs Denmark
Andorra vs England
Hungary vs Albania
Poland vs San Marino

Monday, October 11

Belarus vs Czech Republic
Estonia vs Wales
Latvia vs Turkey
Netherlands vs Gibraltar
Norway vs Montenegro
Croatia vs Slovakia
Cyprus vs Malta
Slovenia vs Russia
Iceland vs Liechtenstein
North Macedonia vs Germany
Romania vs Armenia

Tuesday, October 12

Portugal vs Luxembourg
Serbia vs Azerbaijan
Kosovo vs Georgia
Sweden vs Greece
Bulgaria vs Northern Ireland
Lithuania vs Switzerland
Kazakhstan vs Finland
Ukraine vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denmark vs Austria
Faroe Islands vs Scotland
Israel vs Moldova
Albania vs Poland
England vs Hungary
San Marino vs Andorra

Thursday, November 11

Azerbaijan vs Luxembourg
Republic of Ireland vs Portugal
Georgia vs Sweden
Greece vs Spain
Russia vs Cyprus
Malta vs Croatia
Slovakia vs Slovenia
Armenia vs North Macedonia
Germany vs Liechtenstein
Romania vs Iceland

Friday, November 12

Italy vs Switzerland
Northern Ireland vs Lithuania
Austria vs Israel
Denmark vs Faroe Islands
Moldova vs Scotland
Andorra vs Poland
England vs Albania
Hungary vs San Marino

Saturday, November 13

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Finland
France vs Kazakhstan
Norway vs Latvia
Turkey vs Gibraltar
Montenegro vs Netherlands
Belgium vs Estonia
Wales vs Belarus

Sunday, November 14

Luxembourg vs Republic of Ireland
Portugal vs Serbia
Greece vs Kosovo
Spain vs Sweden
Croatia vs Russia
Malta vs Slovakia
Slovenia vs Cyprus
Armenia vs Germany
Liechtenstein vs Romania
North Macedonia vs Iceland

Monday, November 15

Northern Ireland vs Italy
Switzerland vs Bulgaria
Austria vs Moldova
Israel vs Faroe Islands
Scotland vs Denmark
Albania vs Andorra
Poland vs Hungary
San Marino vs England

Tuesday, November 16

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine
Finland vs France
Czech Republic vs Estonia
Wales vs Belgium
Gibraltar vs Latvia
Montenegro vs Turkey
Netherlands vs Norway

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Odds to win the 2022 World Cup (full odds by PointsBet)

Brazil +550
France +600
England +750
Italy +800
Spain +800
Germany +900
Belgium +1000
Argentina +1200
Netherlands +1600
Portugal +1600
Croatia +4000
Uruguay +4000
Colombia +5000
Chile +6000
Denmark +7000
Mexico +8000
Serbia +9000
Sweden +9000
Turkey +9000
USMNT +9000
Switzerland +12500
Austria +15000
Bosnia and Herzegovina +15000
Czech Republic +15000
Ukraine +15000
Paraguay +15000
Russia +15000
Poland +15000
Qatar +15000
Wales +15000
Algeria +20000
Australia +20000
Cameroon +20000
Bulgaria +20000
China +20000
Ecuador +20000
Egypt +20000
Ghana +20000
Greece +20000
Ivory Coast +20000
Norway +20000
Romania +20000
Iceland +20000
Japan +20000
Montenegro +20000
Morocco +20000
Nigeria +20000
Peru +20000
Republic of Ireland +20000
Romania +20000
Senegal +20000
Slovakia +20000
Slovenia +20000
South Korea +30000
Iran +30000
Israel +30000
Tunisia +30000
Northern Ireland +50000
Scotland +50000
Costa Rica +50000
Albania +50000
Canada +50000
Costa Rica +50000
Cyprus +50000
Finland +50000
Georgia +50000
Honduras +50000
Saudi Arabia +50000
South Africa +50000
Hungary +50000
Kosovo +50000
New Zealand +50000
Panama +100000
Malta +100000
Iraq +100000
India +100000

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