Newcastle fan in stable condition in hospital; Toon, Tottenham players react


Players from Newcastle and Tottenham have been talking about their reaction to the medical emergency which took place with a fan in the stands at St James’ Park on Sunday.

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In the first half Spurs left back Sergio Reguilon called over the referee after a fan fell ill in the stands and the Spanish international said that other fans were giving the individual CPR treatment.

UPDATE: Newcastle released a statement on Sunday, confirming that “a supporter who required emergency medical treatment during the club’s Premier League fixture with Tottenham Hotspur at St. James’ Park on Sunday is stable and responsive in hospital.”

“The club would like to thank fans for their swift actions in raising the alarm and praise those who provided immediate chest compressions, as well as thanking the on-site medical professionals who swiftly administered emergency treatment using a defibrillator located close to the incident.”

Videos have also emerged on social media showing Dr Tom Prichard, a supporter who was sat nearby, being applauded by the Newcastle fans after he helped stabilize the supporter.

Prichard detailed how he and other health professionals sat in the stand, as well as the paramedics on-site, helped the fan who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Tottenham center back Eric Dier then ran over to the bench and called for a defibrillator to be taken over to the stands on the far side off the pitch.

Reguilon and Dier were named joint man of the match for their actions in helping.

Speaking to our partners in the UK at Sky Sports after the game, Reguilon and Harry Kane detailed what happened with the Newcastle fan and how the players intervened in the situation.

“I looked over to the fans and they were saying ‘stop, stop’ and I looked to the fans and they were doing this [gesturing CPR] and I said to the referee ‘the guy is lying down, it is not good, please stop the game,'” Sergio Reguilon said.

Harry Kane added the following on the Newcastle fan:

“First and foremost our best wishes to the guy in the stands,” Kane said. “It was a not a good sight to see and we hear that he might be stable now, so we are thankful to the emergency teams and the fans doing the CPR. Hopefully he is okay and we wish him all the best from all of the players and Tottenham as well.”

Spurs boss Nuno Espirito Santo added more on the situation:

“It was instinctive from Eric Dier and Reguilon. They reacted. Credit to them. Credit to the referee. He made the right decision to stop the game. There is nothing more important than human life,” Nuno Espirito Santo said.

What is the latest?

The medical emergency in the crowd led to the game being stopped for a few minutes, as the medical staff at Newcastle brought a defibrillator across the pitch and into the stands to help with the situation.

Both sets of players were taken off the pitch, and the fan was then taken to hospital.

After the brief stoppage the game resumed and Newcastle released the following statement.

“The supporter who was in need of urgent medical assistance has been stabilised and is on their way to hospital. Our thoughts are with them.”