Daniel Farke, staff resign from Russian club Krasnodar


Former Norwich City boss Daniel Farke quickly found work after leaving the Premier League club, but has left that job due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Farke, 45, was fired by the Canaries in November and hired by Russian Premier League club Krasnodar in early January but did not get much of a chance to run the club. In fact, he did not oversee a single RPL match for the team.

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Krasnodar is relatively close to the Ukrainian border, where fighting is raging after Russian president Vladimir Putin resisted near-global urging to stop his plans to invade its neighbor.

FIFA and UEFA since suspended Russia’s national teams and clubs from all competitions amid fierce blowback from much of the sporting community.

“When we started our new job at FK Krasnodar at the beginning of January, the joint objective with those responsible for the club was clearly formulated. We didn’t just want national titles with this fantastic club in the coming years but also to establish it internationally,” Farke said, via Kicker. “Less than two months later, unfortunately without having played a single league game, we have now asked board members Vladimir Khashig and Aram Fundukyan to terminate our contracts with a heavy heart.”

“The current political development and the associated request from our children, wives, families, and friends to come home, and the loss of all sporting perspectives have now led to this well-considered decision,” said Farke, who, however, wanted to emphasize: “It is It was very difficult for us, because we were received very warmly from Day One. We formed a great community with different nationalities in a very short time, who wanted to pursue sporting goals together. With joy and fun. Unfortunately, the serious side of life has now caught up with us.”