NBC Sports Premier League 2021-22 schedule: How to watch, stream live, start times


The 2021-22 Premier League schedule is here, and below are details on how to watch all of the fixtures in the USA with the NBC Sports Premier League schedule across Peacock and our family of channels.

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Your weekends between August 2021 and May 2022 are sorted.

As Premier League fans, you’re looking for a few things for your club: opening day, final day, Boxing Day and when your derby games are.

All of that info on the Premier League fixtures is below, plus the full fixture list as you can watch all 380 games live across our platforms here at NBC Sports, while other shows such as Premier League Goal Rush (10am ET on Saturday’s) will also be available on  Peacock Premium.

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Can reigning champions Manchester City defend their crown? Or will the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea put up a fight for the title this season? What about Tottenham, Arsenal, Leicester City and West Ham, can they break into the top four?

Also, new boys Norwich City, Watford and Brentford will add plenty to the PL, as there are so many intriguing storylines swirling, plus fans will return to full stadiums for the 2021-22 season.

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Premier League coverage will be available on Peacock Premium. Viewers can sign up at peacocktv.com. Peacock is currently available across devices, details here. Peacock Premium is included at no additional cost for Comcast’s eligible Xfinity X1 and Flex customers and Cox Contour customers.

Premier League games on NBC and NBCSN will be streamed on NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports app — NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs.

Coverage will be streamed via “TV Everywhere,” giving consumers additional value for their subscription service, and making high quality content available to MVPD customers both in and out of the home and on multiple platforms. The NBC Sports app is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Roku Channel Store, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

Below is the schedule in full, with dates and times subject to change as the broadcast schedule in the UK is confirmed in the coming months.

NBC Sports Premier League schedule: Dates, fixtures, how to watch in USA, Peacock

All games kick off at 10am ET unless otherwise stated

Matchweek 9

Friday 22 October

Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Saturday 23 October

Chelsea 7-0 Norwich City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Everton 2-5 Watford – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Leeds 1-1 Wolves – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Crystal Palace 1-1 NewcastleFULL MATCH REPLAY
Southampton 2-2 BurnleyFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brighton 1-4 Man City – NBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 24 October

Brentford 1-2 Leicester CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
West Ham 1-0 Spurs – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Man Utd 0-5 Liverpool – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 1

Friday 13 August

Brentford 1-1 Arsenal – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Saturday 14 August

Leicester City 1-0 Wolves – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Everton 3-1 Southampton – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Burnley 1-2 BrightonFULL MATCH REPLAY
Chelsea 3-0 Crystal PalaceFULL MATCH REPLAY
Watford 3-2 Aston VillaFULL MATCH REPLAY
Norwich City 0-3 Liverpool – NBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 15 August

Newcastle 2-4 West Ham – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Spurs 1-0 Man City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 2

Saturday 21 August

Liverpool 2-0 BurnleyFULL MATCH REPLAY
Aston Villa 2-0 Newcastle – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Man City 5-0 Norwich City – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Crystal Palace 0-0 BrentfordFULL MATCH REPLAY
Leeds 2-2 EvertonFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brighton 2-0 Watford – NBC/Peacock Premium – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 22 August

Southampton 1-1 Man UtdFULL MATCH REPLAY
Wolves 0-1 Spurs – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Monday 23 August

West Ham 4-1 Leicester City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 3

Saturday 28 August

Man City 5-0 ArsenalFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brighton 0-2 Everton – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Aston Villa 1-1 Brentford – CNBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Newcastle 2-2 SouthamptonFULL MATCH REPLAY
Norwich City 1-2 Leicester CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
West Ham 2-2 Crystal PalaceFULL MATCH REPLAY
Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea – NBC/Peacock Premium – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 29 August

Burnley 1-1 Leeds – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Spurs 1-0 WatfordFULL MATCH REPLAY
Wolves 0-1 Man Utd – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 4

Saturday 11 September

Crystal Palace 3-0 Spurs – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Arsenal 1-0 Norwich CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brentford 0-1 BrightonFULL MATCH REPLAY
Leicester City 0-1 Man CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
Man Utd 4-1 Newcastle – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Southampton 0-0 West Ham – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Watford 0-2 WolvesFULL MATCH REPLAY
Chelsea 3-0 Aston Villa – NBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 12 September

Leeds 0-3 Liverpool – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Monday 13 September

Everton 3-1 Burnley – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 5

Friday 17 September

Newcastle 1-1 Leeds — NBCSN — FULL MATCH REPLAY

Saturday 18 September

Wolves 0-2 Brentford — NBCSN — FULL MATCH REPLAY
Burnley 0-1 Arsenal — NBCSN — FULL MATCH REPLAY
Liverpool 3-0 Crystal PalaceFULL MATCH REPLAY
Man City 0-0 Southampton — USA Network — FULL MATCH REPLAY
Norwich City 1-3 WatfordFULL MATCH REPLAY
Aston Villa 3-0 Everton — NBC — FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 19 September

West Ham 1-2 Man Utd — NBCSN — FULL MATCH REPLAY
Brighton 2-1 Leicester CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
Spurs 0-3 ChelseaFULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 6

Saturday 25 September

Chelsea 0-1 Man City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Man Utd 0-1 Aston VillaFULL MATCH REPLAY
Everton 2-2 Norwich CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
Leicester City 2-2 Burnley – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Watford 1-1 NewcastleFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brentford 3-3 Liverpool – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 26 September

Southampton 0-1 Wolves – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Arsenal 3-1 Spurs – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Monday 27 September

Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 7

Saturday 2 October

Man Utd 1-1 Everton – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Leeds 1-0 Watford – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Chelsea 3-1 Southampton – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Burnley 0-0 Norwich CityFULL MATCH REPLAY
Wolves 2-1 NewcastleFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brighton 0-0 Arsenal – NBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 3 October

Crystal Palace 2-2 Leicester City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Spurs 2-1 Aston VillaFULL MATCH REPLAY
West Ham 1-2 BrentfordFULL MATCH REPLAY
Liverpool 2-2 Man City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 8

Saturday 16 October

Watford 0-5 LiverpoolFULL MATCH REPLAY
Aston Villa 2-3 Wolves – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Leicester City 4-2 Man Utd – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Man City 2-0 BurnleyFULL MATCH REPLAY
Norwich City 0-0 BrightonFULL MATCH REPLAY
Southampton 1-0 LeedsFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brentford 0-1 Chelsea – NBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 17 October

Everton 0-1 West Ham – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Newcastle 2-3 Spurs – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Monday 18 October

Arsenal 2-2 Crystal PalaceFULL MATCH REPLAY

Matchweek 9

Friday 22 October

Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Saturday 23 October

Chelsea 7-0 Norwich City – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Everton 2-5 Watford – USA Network – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Leeds 1-1 Wolves – NBCSN – FULL MATCH REPLAY
Crystal Palace 1-1 NewcastleFULL MATCH REPLAY
Southampton 2-2 BurnleyFULL MATCH REPLAY
Brighton 1-4 Man City – NBC – FULL MATCH REPLAY

Sunday 24 October

9am: Brentford v Leicester City – Peacock Premium
9am: West Ham v Spurs – NBCSN – WATCH LIVE
11:30am: Man Utd v Liverpool – NBCSN – WATCH LIVE

Matchweek 10

Saturday 30 October

7:30am: Leicester City v Arsenal
Burnley v Brentford
Liverpool v Brighton
Man City v Crystal Palace
Newcastle v Chelsea
Watford v Southampton
12:30pm: Spurs v Man Utd

Sunday 31 October

10am: Norwich City v Leeds
12:30pm: Aston Villa v West Ham

Monday 1 November

4pm: Wolves v Everton

Matchweek 11

Friday 5 November

4pm: Southampton v Aston Villa

Saturday 6 November

8:30am: Man Utd v Man City
11am: Brentford v Norwich City
11am: Chelsea v Burnley
11am: Crystal Palace v Wolves
1:30pm: Brighton v Newcastle

Sunday 7 November

9am: Arsenal v Watford
9am: Everton v Spurs
9am: Leeds v Leicester City
11:30am: West Ham v Liverpool

Matchweek 12

Saturday 20 November

7:30am: Leicester City v Chelsea
Aston Villa v Brighton
Burnley v Crystal Palace
Newcastle v Brentford
Norwich City v Southampton
Watford v Man Utd
Wolves v West Ham
12:30pm: Liverpool v Arsenal

Sunday 21 November

9am: Man City v Everton
11:30am: Spurs v Leeds

Matchweek 13

Saturday 27 November

7:30am: Arsenal v Newcastle
Crystal Palace v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Southampton
Norwich City v Wolves
12:30pm: Brighton v Leeds

Sunday 28 November

9am: Brentford v Everton
9am: Burnley v Spurs
9am: Leicester City v Watford
9am: Man City v West Ham
11:30am: Chelsea v Man Utd

Matchweek 14

Tuesday 30 November

2:30pm: Newcastle v Norwich City
3:15pm: Leeds v Crystal Palace

Wednesday 1 December

2:30pm: Southampton v Leicester City
2:30pm: Watford v Chelsea
2:30pm: West Ham v Brighton
2:30pm: Wolves v Burnley
3:15pm: Aston Villa v Man City
3:15pm: Everton v Liverpool

Thursday 2 December

2:30pm: Spurs v Brentford
3:15pm: Man Utd v Arsenal

Matchweek 15

Saturday 4 December

7:30am: West Ham v Chelsea
Newcastle v Burnley
Southampton v Brighton
Wolves v Liverpool
12:30pm: Watford v Man City

Sunday 5 December

9am: Leeds v Brentford
9am: Man Utd v Crystal Palace
9am: Spurs v Norwich City
11:30am: Aston Villa v Leicester City

Monday 6 December

3pm: Everton v Arsenal

Matchweek 16

Friday 10 December

Brentford v Watford

Saturday 11 December

7:30am: Man City v Wolves
Arsenal v Southampton
Chelsea v Leeds
Liverpool v Aston Villa
12:30pm: Norwich City v Man Utd

Sunday 12 December

9am: Brighton v Spurs
9am: Burnley v West Ham
9am: Leicester City v Newcastle
11:30am: Crystal Palace v Everton

Matchweek 17

Tuesday 14 December

2:30pm: Brentford v Man Utd
2:45pm: Norwich City v Aston Villa
3pm: Man City v Leeds

Wednesday 15 December

2:30pm: Brighton v Wolves
2:30pm: Burnley v Watford
2:30pm: Crystal Palace v Southampton
2:45pm: Chelsea v Everton*
3pm: Arsenal v West Ham
*Subject to change for Chelsea’s participation in FIFA Club World Cup

Thursday 16 December

2:30pm: Leicester City v Spurs
3pm: Liverpool v Newcastle

Matchweek 18

Saturday 18 December

7:30am: Man Utd v Brighton
Aston Villa v Burnley
Southampton v Brentford
Watford v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Norwich City
Wolves v Chelsea*
12:30pm: Leeds v Arsenal
*Subject to change for Chelsea’s participation in FIFA Club World Cup

Sunday 19 December

9am: Newcastle v Man City
11:30am: Spurs v Liverpool

Monday 20 December

3pm: Everton v Leicester City
*Should Leicester reach Carabao Cup fifth round, this will move to 7am, Sunday 19 December

Matchweek 19

Sunday 26 December

7:30am: Liverpool v Leeds
7:30am: Wolves v Watford
Burnley v Everton
Man City v Leicester City
Norwich City v Arsenal
Spurs v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Southampton
12:30pm: Aston Villa v Chelsea
3pm: Brighton v Brentford

Monday 27 December

3pm: Newcastle v Man Utd

Matchweek 20

Tuesday 28 December

7:30am: Arsenal v Wolves
10am: Southampton v Spurs
10am: Crystal Palace v Norwich
10am: Watford v West Ham
12:30pm: Leeds v Aston Villa
3pm: Leicester v Liverpool

Wednesday 29 December

2:30pm: Chelsea v Brighton
3:15pm: Brentford v Man City

Thursday 30 December

2:30pm: Everton v Newcastle
3:15pm: Man Utd v Burnley

Matchweek 21

Saturday 1 January

7:30am: Arsenal v Man City
Leicester v Norwich
Man Utd v Wolves
Watford v Spurs
12:30pm: Crystal Palace v West Ham

Sunday 2 January

9am: Brentford v Aston Villa
9am: Everton v Brighton
9am: Leeds v Burnley
9am: Southampton v Newcastle
11:30am: Chelsea v Liverpool

Saturday 15 January

Aston Villa v Man Utd
Brighton v Crystal Palace
Burnley v Leicester
Liverpool v Brentford
Man City v Chelsea
Newcastle v Watford
Norwich v Everton
Spurs v Arsenal
West Ham v Leeds
Wolves v Southampton

Saturday 22 January

Arsenal v Burnley
Brentford v Wolves
Chelsea v Spurs
Crystal Palace v Liverpool
Everton v Aston Villa
Leeds v Newcastle
Leicester v Brighton
Man Utd v West Ham
Southampton v Man City
Watford v Norwich

Tuesday 8 February

Aston Villa v Leeds
Brighton v Chelsea
Burnley v Man Utd
Norwich v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Watford
Wolves v Arsenal

Wednesday 9 February

Newcastle v Everton
Spurs v Southampton
Liverpool v Leicester
Man City v Brentford

Saturday 12 February

Brentford v Crystal Palace
Burnley v Liverpool
Chelsea v Arsenal
Everton v Leeds
Leicester v West Ham
Man Utd v Southampton
Newcastle v Aston Villa
Norwich v Man City
Spurs v Wolves
Watford v Brighton

Saturday 19 February

Arsenal v Brentford
Aston Villa v Watford
Brighton v Burnley
Crystal Palace v Chelsea
Leeds v Man Utd
Liverpool v Norwich
Man City v Spurs
Southampton v Everton
West Ham v Newcastle
Wolves v Leicester

Saturday 26 February

Arsenal v Liverpool
Brentford v Newcastle
Brighton v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Leicester
Crystal Palace v Burnley
Everton v Man City
Leeds v Spurs
Man Utd v Watford
Southampton v Norwich
West Ham v Wolves

Saturday 5 March

Aston Villa v Southampton
Burnley v Chelsea
Leicester v Leeds
Liverpool v West Ham
Man City v Man Utd
Newcastle v Brighton
Norwich v Brentford
Spurs v Everton
Watford v Arsenal
Wolves v Crystal Palace

Saturday 12 March

Arsenal v Leicester
Brentford v Burnley
Brighton v Liverpool
Chelsea v Newcastle
Crystal Palace v Man City
Everton v Wolves
Leeds v Norwich
Man Utd v Spurs
Southampton v Watford
West Ham v Aston Villa

Saturday 19 March

Aston Villa v Arsenal
Burnley v Southampton
Leicester v Brentford
Liverpool v Man Utd
Man City v Brighton
Newcastle v Crystal Palace
Norwich v Chelsea
Spurs v West Ham
Watford v Everton
Wolves v Leeds

Saturday 2 April

Brighton v Norwich
Burnley v Man City
Chelsea v Brentford
Crystal Palace v Arsenal
Leeds v Southampton
Liverpool v Watford
Man Utd v Leicester
Spurs v Newcastle
West Ham v Everton
Wolves v Aston Villa

Saturday 9 April

Arsenal v Brighton
Aston Villa v Spurs
Brentford v West Ham
Everton v Man Utd
Leicester v Crystal Palace
Man City v Liverpool
Newcastle v Wolves
Norwich v Burnley
Southampton v Chelsea
Watford v Leeds

Saturday 16 April

Aston Villa v Liverpool
Everton v Crystal Palace
Leeds v Chelsea
Man Utd v Norwich
Newcastle v Leicester
Southampton v Arsenal
Spurs v Brighton
Watford v Brentford
West Ham v Burnley
Wolves v Man City

Saturday 23 April

Arsenal v Man Utd
Brentford v Spurs
Brighton v Southampton
Burnley v Wolves
Chelsea v West Ham
Crystal Palace v Leeds
Leicester v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Everton
Man City v Watford
Norwich v Newcastle

Saturday 30 April

Aston Villa v Norwich
Everton v Chelsea
Leeds v Man City
Man Utd v Brentford
Newcastle v Liverpool
Southampton v Crystal Palace
Spurs v Leicester
Watford v Burnley
West Ham v Arsenal
Wolves v Brighton

Saturday 7 May

Arsenal v Leeds
Brentford v Southampton
Brighton v Man Utd
Burnley v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Wolves
Crystal Palace v Watford
Leicester v Everton
Liverpool v Spurs
Man City v Newcastle
Norwich v West Ham

Sunday 15 May*

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace
Everton v Brentford
Leeds v Brighton
Man Utd v Chelsea
Newcastle v Arsenal
Southampton v Liverpool
Spurs v Burnley
Watford v Leicester
West Ham v Man City
Wolves v Norwich
* to avoid a clash with the FA Cup Final on 14 May

Sunday 22 May

Arsenal v Everton
Brentford v Leeds
Brighton v West Ham
Burnley v Newcastle
Chelsea v Watford
Crystal Palace v Man Utd
Leicester v Southampton
Liverpool v Wolves
Man City v Aston Villa
Norwich v Spurs

10 things we learned in the Premier League – Matchweek 9


What did we learn during matchweek 9 of the 2021-22 Premier League?

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Here’s a look at 10 things which stood out, as our writers Joe Prince-Wright (JPW), Nicholas Mendola (NM) and Andy Edwards (AE) share their observations from across the most recent Premier League games.

VIDEO: Premier League highlights ]

Let’s get to it.

1. Incredible Liverpool (Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool): Take nothing, or very little, away from Liverpool. The Reds did allow a huge early chance to Bruno Fernandes but they were otherwise solid as a rock. Mohamed Salah’s near-perfect form allowed him to complete a hat trick when he made a rare and minor error on a heavy touch toward David De Gea. The Reds didn’t even look like they were showing off, just executing a system against a team that doesn’t have one. Liverpool coasted up a man at 5-0, showing just how little they feared the Red Devils. Moreover, they didn’t even mind their rivals with anything other than pity. (NM)

1a. Ole Gunnar Solsk-fired? (Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool): The Manchester United boss has been deemed safe by nearly every report prior to this game, but it’s difficult to believe that 95 percent of managers in the world wouldn’t be in serious trouble after going down 4-0 at home to their rivals after 45 minutes in such a big game. Now throw in Solskjaer using the same Starting XI as a midweek 3-2 comeback win over Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League, especially when the lineup excludes Paul Pogba, and, well, wow. Pogba has started for a World Cup winner and a scudetto winner, so not starting consecutive matches while Fred, Scott McTominay, and Mason Greenwood keep their place? Insane. Then again, Pogba lasted all over 16 minutes when he entered the game with the Reds down 4-0, a straight red ending his day. (NM)

2. Chelsea’s depth flex (Chelsea 7-0 Norwich): It might be glib and overdone to write something like, “No Lukaku, no Werner, no Pulisic, no problem for Chelsea,” but it sure looked that way against Norwich City. Hudson-Odoi scored and forced an own goal and then joined Kai Havertz and Jorginho in getting the final half-hour off to prepare for their newly-congested personal schedules. This turned out to be a training exercise, nothing more. The last 20 minutes appeared to be little more than Hakim Ziyech trying out ridiculous and near-successful passes and shots. (NM)

3. Ruthless Manchester City in midseason form (Brighton 1-4 Manchester City): They just have a ruthless streak about them right now and have properly warmed up. After a slow start to the season, City are beating teams with ease and Foden, Grealish and Jesus were rampant in the first half. All of the talk of them not having a number nine makes no difference, as City have now scored 13 goals in their last four games in all competitions. (JPW)

4. How good Arsenal can actually be (Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa): It’s undeniable that Arsenal have sorely lacked a ruthless mindset and any semblance of the requisite confidence to perform up to their considerable collective talent in the Premier League. Friday’s thrashing of Aston Villa revealed a different version of the Gunners, one in which they forcefully marched around the all over the field and dictated the game’s terms to Aston Villa on an every-touch basis. They were dominant out of the starting gate and they never took their foot of the gas for roughly 80 minutes. (AE)

5. Michail Antonio building on his legend (West Ham 1-0 Tottenham): A bit of a Matrix celebration from Antonio after his goal, which is fitting because the Irons have bought forward after forward when “The One” has just gone about his business under their purview. Antonio now has six goals and three assists in eight appearances this season. He missed one of West Ham’s only losses this season, a 2-1 setback at home to Manchester United. Keep him healthy, Moyesy. (NM)

6. All it takes is a couple of moments… (Brentford 1-2 Leicester): … and Youri Tielemans is often the man for those moment. The Belgian’s ridiculous first-half laser was one of the few moments of promise for Leicester City, and he hit an incisive pass to spring Patson Daka’s assist on Leicester’s counterattacking second goal.

Brentford wasn’t just superior on the day, but rather dominant. Still, Tielemans taking advantage of the first moment (with aplomb, nonetheless) set the Bees behind the 8-ball regardless of how good they looked and — with Leicester having played at midweek — could not have been more invaluable. Even after the Bees equalized, solid hold-up play from Iheanacho saw Tielemans race in to support, his clever pass springing Daka for a square ball to match-winning Maddison. (NM)

7. Both teams go for it in must-win game (Southampton 2-2 Burnley): After slow starts to the new season both Saints and Burnley earmarked this game for a victory. They were adventurous from the off, created chances galore and it was like a basketball game at times. What an unexpected thriller at St Mary’s. (JPW)

8. Wolves score early, sit back (Leeds 1-1 Wolves): It was a really strange display from Wolves, as Bruno Lage’s men took an early lead but then totally sat back and allowed Leeds to have the ball. They threatened a few times on the break but this was a really disjointed display. (JPW)

9. Benteke breaks through (Crystal Palace 1-1 Newcastle): Palace found opening after opening in the Newcastle defense, and it was Benteke who fittingly put the Eagles ahead when he powered over the top of Ciaran Clark to thump a header home. It was appropriate not just because Benteke had been very good, but because he had been denied more fanciful goals earlier in the match. That his winner was taken off the board was a shame but the right judgment. (NM)

10. Job (un)done (Everton 2-5 Watford): Everton didn’t assert its superiority in the first half and Watford looks better organized under Claudio Ranieri, but Rafa Benitez’s men looked they had enough to show their steel when push came to shove without Dominic Calvert-Lewin and others. That came undone quickly, and Benitez will be furious as the hallmark of his team is supposed to be steadiness at the back and they were cooked by a header off a corner kick and a Ranieri-approved counterattack. Then it fell apart, and Benitez will be very concerned at how soft the Toffees from that point forward. (NM)

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Premier League odds, Prince-Wright’s picks


Premier League odds for the eighth matchweek of the season have been released, and we all know the bookies don’t always get it right and there is plenty of cash to be made.

Here are the latest Prince-Wright’s Premier League score predictions as the Premier League 2021-22 season is wild nd the EPL betting odds are all over the place with big signings galore and plenty of teams jostling for the title.

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The Premier League score predictions below are for Matchweek 9 with so many intriguing games and big clashes with Manchester United vs Liverpool taking center stage.

If you, like me, love to dissect all the games and predict what the score will be and which team will win, I encourage you to get involved in the comments section below. Let’s have a bit of fun with these Premier League games.

VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

Okay, so I’ve consulted my crystal ball and here’s how we see things panning out. Listen carefully, because this is very specific.

While you can download the NBC Sports Predictor app (below) and play the Premier League Pick ‘Em game yourself to predict the scores and win the prizes.


With the first section labelled “basically, free money” for the picks I think are dead certs. The section labelled “don’t touch this” means if you’re betting I advise you to stay clear, while the “so you’re telling me there’s a chance” section are the long shots. If it is better odds you are after, those are the picks to go for.

Check out our Premier League score predictions below, plus the betting odds provided by our partner, PointsBet.

PointsBet is our Official Sports Betting Partner and we may receive compensation if you place a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking our links.



Arsenal 2-0 Aston Villa

Chelsea 3-1 Norwich City

Crystal Palace 3-1 Newcastle


Manchester United 2-2 Liverpool

Brighton 1-2 Manchester City

Southampton 2-1 Burnley

Brentford 1-1 Leicester City


Leeds 1-0 Wolves

Everton 1-1 Watford

West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

PREMIER LEAGUE ODDS – full odds provided by our partner, PointsBet

Friday, October 22: (-115) Arsenal vs. Aston Villa (+300). Draw: +260
Saturday, October 23: (-556) Chelsea vs. Norwich City (+1500). Draw: +575
Saturday, October 23: (-154) Everton vs. Watford (+425). Draw: +270
Saturday, October 23: (-106) Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle (+280). Draw: +250
Saturday, October 23: (-106) Southampton vs. Burnley (+280). Draw: +250
Saturday, October 23: (+150) Leeds vs. Wolves (+175). Draw: +230
Saturday, October 23: (+650) Brighton vs. Man City (-250). Draw: +350
Sunday, October 24: (+130) West Ham vs. Tottenham (+205). Draw: +235
Sunday, October 24: (+160) Brentford vs. Leicester City (+165). Draw: +230
Sunday, October 24: (+200) Man United vs. Liverpool (+120). Draw: +255

Everything you need for Premier League Fan Fest in LA


The Premier League Fan Fest is back and it will take center stage in LA at the world-famous Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this weekend.

California, here we come!

[ MORE: How to watch Premier League in USA

This is the sixth Fan Fest event put on by NBC Sports and the Premier League and it’s the first on the West Coast, and first since December 2019, as fans will be treated to a soccer spectacular, with doors opening at 3:30 a.m. local time on Saturday October 23 and Sunday October 24.

West Coast folks will create an incredible atmosphere as they are used to waking up super early each and every weekend to show their love for the Premier League.

[ MORE: Sign up for the Premier League Fan Fest in LA ]

Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle, Robbie Mustoe and Tim Howard will all be on-site in LA on Saturday and Sunday to host our Premier League Mornings Live show at 4 a.m. on location outside the Coliseum, as the Premier League trophy, tons of special guests and plenty of club mascots will be there with us too.

With thousands of fans in attendance in LA to watch the Premier League outside the Coliseum as the sun comes up, this will truly be a Once in a Lifetime experience.

Speaking of that, make sure to enter our Once in a Lifetime competition for your chance to win a truly amazing selection of prizes, including a VIP trip for 2 to a future Premier League Fan Fest.

Below is everything you need to know ahead of the two-day Premier League Fan Fest extravaganza in Los Angeles this weekend.

Special guests will dazzle in LA

Our Premier League studio team will be joined by several special guests throughout the festival including Premier League all-time leading goal scorer Alan Shearer, who said:

“I can’t wait to join Premier League fans on the West Coast. I know from my previous visits to the U.S. that football fans are incredibly passionate, getting up early in the morning to follow their favorite clubs. It will be a fantastic event in a really great setting, so I look forward to meeting fans out there and watching the weekend’s matches together.”

Former Watford captain and USMNT defender Jay DeMerit and actor Brendan Hunt, who plays “Coach Beard” on Ted Lasso, are also among the famous faces attending the event.

In addition, actor Matthew Lewis, who is a Leeds United supporter, will be in attendance to catch up with fans and get involved in some of the free activities.

The Men in Blazers, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, will make a special appearance at the Los Angeles Coliseum with a live segment on NBCSN’s coverage this Saturday. It was recently announced The Men in Blazers will return to NBC Sports for their eighth season.

Telemundo Deportes – the exclusive Spanish language home of the Premier League in the U.S. – will be on-site with Ana Jurka.

What else can you expect on-site?

Among the many on-site activities at the Coliseum, Peacock will challenge fans to test their soccer and kicking skills on different goals with a chance to win prizes, and will have coffee trucks stationed throughout Fan Fest to provide an early-morning boost as supporters “wake up with Premier League Mornings.”

In addition, Peacock Premium subscribers will receive special fast pass access into Fan Fest.

This weekend’s event features live action from nine Premier League fixtures across five match windows on the networks of NBCUniversal and Peacock, concluding with Manchester United v. Liverpool on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. ET on NBCSN and Telemundo.

The Premier League Mornings Live event is being held outdoors and under the iconic peristyle end of the Coliseum beneath the Olympic torch. It is a fully vaccinated event and fans can find the latest COVID safety protocols, here.

Viewers across the country can share in the fun by checking in on social media using #MyPLMorning wherever they are watching. Select viewer photos will be featured on air throughout the weekend.

Premier League schedule, how to watch, start times

All games kick off at 10am ET unless otherwise stated

Matchweek 9

Friday 22 October

3pm: Arsenal v Aston Villa – NBCSN

Saturday 23 October

7:30am: Chelsea v Norwich City – NBCSN
Crystal Palace v Newcastle – Peacock Premium
Everton v Watford – USA Network
Leeds v Wolves – NBCSN
Southampton v Burnley – Peacock Premium
12:30pm: Brighton v Man City – NBC

Sunday 24 October

9am: Brentford v Leicester City – Peacock Premium
9am: West Ham v Spurs – NBCSN
11:30am: Man Utd v Liverpool – NBCSN

Premier League injury report, 2021-22 season


Premier League injuries: It’s time to take a look at which players might be unavailable matchweek 9 of the 2021-22 Premier League season due to injury.

[ MORE: How to watch the Premier League on NBC ]

Prior to every matchweek this season, we’ll update this Premier League injuries page with the latest news and update, so make sure to check back regularly to see how your favorite — or least-favorite — club is getting on.

Note: Any player listed for COVID-19 reasons — whether a positive test or taking additional precautions — will always be deemed listed until they make their return to action.

Arsenal injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Bukayo Saka (calf) | OUT: Granit Xhaka (knee)

Aston Villa injuries

OUT: Trezeguet (knee), Carney Chukwuemeka (undiscolsed)

Brentford injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Vitaly Janelt (thigh) | OUT: Yoane Wissa (ankle), Josh Dasilva (hip), Mads Sorensen (knee), Shandon Baptiste (shoulder)

Brighton & Hove Albion injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Adam Webster (hamstring) | OUT: Danny Welbeck (thigh), Steven Alzate (ankle)

Burnley injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Matej Vydra (back), Charlie Taylor (knock) | OUT: Dale Stephens (ankle)

Chelsea injuries

OUT: Christian Pulisic (ankle), Romelu Lukaku (ankle), Timo Werner (hamstring)

Crystal Palace injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Wilfried Zaha (undisclosed) | OUT: Eberechi Eze (achilles), Nathan Ferguson (achilles)

Everton injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Andre Gomes (calf), Richarlison (knee) | OUT: Dominic Calvert-Lewin (thigh), Abdoulaye Doucoure (foot), Fabian Delph (shoulder)

Leeds United injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Kalvin Phillips (calf), Junior Firpo (undisclosed) | OUT: Patrick Bamford (ankle), Luke Ayling (knee), Robin Koch (pelvis)

Leicester City injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Youri Tielemans (ankle), Timothy Castagne (thigh), Ayoze Perez (illness) | OUT: Wesley Fofana (broken leg – MORE), James Justin (knee), Wilfred Ndidi (hamstring)

Liverpool injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Curtis Jones (groin) | OUT: Thiago Alcantara (calf), Harvey Elliott (dislocated ankle – MORE)

Manchester City injuries

OUT: Benjamin Mendy (suspension – MORE), Ferran Torres (ankle), Liam Delap (ankle)

Manchester United injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Marcus Rashford (thigh), Fred (hamstring), Anthony Martial (undisclosed), Amad Diallo (thigh) | OUT: Raphael Varane (groin)

Newcastle United injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Martin Dubravka (ankle), Freddie Woodman (knock) | OUT: Jonjo Shelvey (suspension), Paul Dummett (calf)

Norwich injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Przemyslaw Placheta (fitness), Todd Cantwell (achilles) | OUT: Billy Gilmour (loan – parent club), Cristoph Zimmerman (ankle), Sam Byram (thigh)

Southampton injuries

OUT: Jack Stephens (knee), James Ward-Prowse (suspension)

Tottenham Hotspur injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Matt Doherty (undisclosed) | OUT: Ryan Sessegnon (undisclosed)

Watford injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Francisco Sierralta (hamstring), Kiko Femenia (hip) | OUT: Peter Etebo (thigh), Christian Kabasele (hamstring, Nicolas Nkoulou (illness)

West Ham United injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Vladimir Coufal (groin) | OUT: Alex Kral (undisclosed)

Wolverhampton Wanderers injuries

QUESTIONABLE: Francisco Trincao (COVID-19) | OUT: Raul Pedro Neto (knee), Jonny (knee), Yerson Mosquera (undisclosed), Hugo Bueno (hamstring)