2017-2018 Premier League season

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Premier League clubs earned combined $3.2 billion

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Premier League clubs raked in the cash during the 2017-2018 season as television revenues continue to grow.

The Premier League released its financial figures on Thursday of how much every club received from the league this season, and the final amount totaled more than $3.2 billion. It’s no wonder so many folks are trying to invest in the Premier League.

Despite finishing in second, Manchester United took home the most cash, earning more than $202 million from the league. But even last-place West Bromwich Albion took home a total of $127,899,164 million, proof that even in relegation clubs end up with a cash windfall.

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The Premier League’s revenue sharing gave each club a payment of $47,044,298, and payments of $55,096,444 and $6,539,085 for international TV rights revenues and central commercial revenues.

The totals differed with merit payments, which was determined on the team’s finish in the table, and facility fees, which is a portion of how many games were broadcast by UK networks at a team’s stadium.

The totals are the latest sign that the game is alive and well in England, with international TV rights expected to grow in the future. Clubs now have even more money to spend, whether on training facilities, stadium upgrades, or on salaries and transfer fees.

Top 10 loan signings for January

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The winter transfer window is opened, and that means a fresh chance for players to make an impact across the Premier League and Europe.

The Silly Season is already well underway, with confirmed moves such as Virgil Van Dijk to Liverpool and tons of un-confirmed and sometimes un-sourced rumors of Harry Kane and Dele Alli to Real Madrid, just as an example.

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However, the January transfer window presents both clubs and players with a unique opportunity. For some players, it’s a chance for them to find playing time on a new team. For clubs, it’s a chance to upgrade their squad for a second-half title push or battle against relegation.

Here’s a look at 10 potential loan signings that Premier League clubs can make this month: