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FIFA announces bans for Blatter, Platini, Valcke, Chung


The headline reads “Independent Ethics Committee bans several football officials”, as FIFA stays defiant on naming names even to the death.

Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini, Jerome Valcke and Chung Mong-joon have all been banned by the Hans Joachim Eckert-run Ethics Comittee, with the first trio getting 90 days away from all soccer activities and former VP Mong-joon seeing a six-year ban.

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Blatter, Platini and Valcke could see an additional 45 days away on this charge, which would bring them right up to the next FIFA Presidential Election in February.

FIFA was sure to indicate in its press release that, of course, this is the Ethics Committee’s decision and not based on the investigations by Swiss and U.S. authorities (Commence eye-rolling). They also want to make sure you know which heinous villains are personally attacking Blatter and Platini:

The grounds for these decisions are the investigations that are being carried out by the investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee. The chairman of the chamber is Dr Cornel Borbély. The investigation into Joseph S. Blatter is being carried out by Robert Torres, the investigation into Michel Platini by Vanessa Allard.

While Blatter and Valcke’s fates have seemed– key word: seemed, this is FIFA — sealed for a great deal of time, this suspension further dents Platini’s chances at the presidency. UEFA’s boss has been given every benefit of the doubt by European pundits, but looks unable to escape rumors pertaining to his actions regarding the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

Additionally, we should point out that while Blatter does in fact seemed doomed by international investigations, anything is possible with FIFA. While we await his legal status, it’s always possible the “innocent” administration wags its finger at all of us by making moves outside of the Ethics Committee’s decision.

FIFA presidential candidate Chung to sue “liar” Blatter for at least $100 million

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LONDON — FIFA presidential candidate Chung Mong-joon was in a defiant mood in London on Wednesday, as the South Korean labelled current FIFA president Sepp Blatter “a liar and a hypocrite” before revealing that he plans to sue Blatter, the leader of FIFA for 17 years.

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Chung, 63, was speaking at the Leaders Sport Business Summit 2015′ held at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge home in London, and while he is currently under investigation by FIFA’s ethics committee, as he claims FIFA is trying to “sabotage” his presidential campaign, Chung launched a tirade of abuse against Blatter and the current regime as world soccer’s governing body continues to unravel amid separate corruption investigations from both the U.S. and Swiss governments.

Despite being a member of the FIFA executive committee for 17 years up until 2011, Chung stated that “this battle against FIFA has been a very lonely battle for me,” as he claimed fellow ExCo members were not willing to stand up and fight against Blatter.

From the get-go of his speech at a packed-out convention hall within Stamford Bridge, Chung went after Blatter as he detailed the 2007 court ruling which saw FIFA sued, and subsequently agreeing to pay $90 million in damages, by former sponsor Mastercard after the organization did not honor contractual obligations when switching to Visa.

“Mr. Blatter is a hypocrite and a liar,” Chung said. “I plan to sue Mr. Blatter on his embezzlement in court. In the Visa-Mastercard case the jury said FIFA is not fit to use the slogan of Fairplay. The judge used the word lied 13 times in her verdict. Those lies cost $100 million U.S. Dollars for FIFA. The Visa-Mastercard case should have been dealt as a criminal case. That was corruption.”

Chung spoke for over 30 minutes on his own before facing a moderated question session and then media questions.

“At FIFA, money and power have blinded Mr. Blatter to the values of sportsmanship,” Chung added.  “Preposterously, Mr. Blatter and his associates are under the delusion that they are under the delusion that they are above human values and norms. They seem to live in a separate world. FIFA has become a corrupt organization only serving the interests of a few.”

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Speaking in a Q&A with journalists at the end of his speech, Chung was asked to go into more detail as to how much he planned to sue Blatter for and what he would do with the cash if he was successful. The South Korean said he has appointed a lawyer in Switzerland and will sue 79-year-old Blatter in his home country for at least $100 million.

“My understanding is that the amount of money I can claim against Mr. Blatter is in proportion with the amount of damage he inflicted on FIFA,” Chung said. “FIFA had to pay a $100 million fine. That happened in 2006, so it must be bigger than that. If I succeed the money will go back to FIFA. They must think how generous that would be and appreciate my offer.”

For large parts of the speech, Chung defended himself as he is currently under investigation from the ethics committee at FIFA.

He held up two letters from currently suspended FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke which he claims cleared him of any wrongdoing in the case of South Korea’s failed bid for the 2022 World Cup. It is alleged he was part of a vote swap with the England bid team for their failed 2018 World Cup bid but Chung vehemently denied any wrongdoing when repeatedly asked by the media if that occurred and if he voted for England 2018.

It was a show of defiance from the South Korean throughout but many journalists were still left underwhelmed by his lack of transparency, the very thing he is using as his key component to try and bring about change at FIFA. Chung greeted the waiting media after his speech was over and was keen to try and spread his message of innocence while also remaining hopeful of being able to be a candidate at the presidential elections on Feb. 26, 2016.

He needs at least five FIFA federations to back him in order to be a candidate for the vote, while the impending suspension that hangs over his head while he is investigated by the ethics committee is clouding his candidacy. He promises that if he replaces Blatter, he will clean up the corruption in “one four year term” and then he will step down.

Given the investigation surrounding him at the moment, Chung’s chances of running for FIFA president may be a long shot.

South Korea’s Chung Mong-Joon announces bid to become FIFA president

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Chung Mong-Joon has confirmed he will run to become the new FIFA president.

The South Korean official unveiled his bid in Paris on Monday, as he aims to help world soccer’s governing body clean up its act and promised fans he will “change FIFA in four years.”

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With current president Sepp Blatter announcing his resignation and a vote to replace him taking place on Feb. 26, 2016, the 17-year leader decided to step down after separate investigations by both the U.S. Department of Justice and the Swiss authorities into alleged corruption by officials has plunged FIFA into turmoil since the revelations were released in May.

Speaking about the current image of FIFA, the newly announced presidential candidate had the following to say.

“The real reason FIFA has become such a corrupt organization is because the same person and his cronies have been running it for 40 years. Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Chung said. “It has pained me to witness the spectacle of the FIFA president being booed by the fans at football stadiums everywhere. In 2011, when a European sports magazine conducted a survey asking `What do you think about FIFA President Joseph Blatter?’ 95 percent said `Blatter is ruining football.'”

Chung is already a honorary vice president of FIFA and has been a member of FIFA’s executive committee from the mid-1990s until 2011. He has long been outspoken against Blatter and although Michel Platini is the red-hot favorite to replace Blatter in the Feb. 26 elections after announcing his candidacy, Chung could be seen as having a strong backing from the anti-Blatter campaign as Platini is a long-term friend of FIFA’s current president.

The main issue for Chung is that his own confederation, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), has already publicly backed Platini. The former president of the Korean Football Association — who ran to become the mayor of Seoul earlier this year but didn’t prevail — will face an uphill struggle to win the necessary votes from FIFA’s 209 federations, but his arrival into the race will make things very interesting.

Chung Mong-joon to run for FIFA presidency, calls out Blatter and Platini


South Korean billionaire Chung Mong-joon has said he plans to run for the FIFA presidency when the election is held in February 2016.

Although Chung’s official announcement to run will not come until next week, he has wasted no time calling out his competition, specifically Michel Platini.

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One of the most legendary players of all-time, Platini currently serves as the president of UEFA and is widely considered the favorite to succeed Blatter as the head of FIFA.

However, Chung believes Platini may not be the best choice, calling the Frenchman a “product of the current system” and saying fresh blood is needed to regroup the organization.

Platini is good for football, but whether he can be a good FIFA president? I don’t think so. He is a product of the current FIFA system. There are several questions we can have whether Platini can symbolize a new era for FIFA or whether he is simply a protégé of Blatter.

President Blatter is like a cannibal eating his parents and then crying he’s an orphan. He tries to blame everybody except himself.

It is time that FIFA had a non-European leadership. FIFA became a closed organization for President Blatter, his associates and his cronies and I want to change that.

I’ll try to have more transparency and development. I’ll try to eliminate corruption. If I get elected, my job is not to enjoy the luxury of the office. My job is to change it.”

This is not the first time a competitor has questioned Platini, as both Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan and Liberian FA chief Musa Bility have said Platini would be bad for FIFA.

Chung is a former FIFA vice president who also spent time as the leader of the South Korean soccer association. If elected as FIFA president, Chung stated he would only serve for a single, four-year term.