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Crossroads: What if Tevez hadn’t saved West Ham?

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Carlos Tevez, the wonderful yet enigmatic Argentine striker, had put West Ham in a position to survive for another Premier League season at the end of the 2006-2007 season.

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After scoring his first Premier League goal for West Ham on March 4 against Tottenham, Tevez reeled off five more goals in West Ham’s next nine games, which coincided with six wins to bring West Ham into safety. Heading into the final game of the season at Man United, West Ham only needed a draw against the eventual champions.

But what if West Ham collapsed at Old Trafford, and went down? What would it have done for both West Ham, and Tevez’s career?

Of course, we know that’s not what happened. Tevez scored just before halftime in one of his brilliant, me-against-the-world dribbles through five defenders and West Ham went on to win to secure safety.

Watch the latest episode of Crossroads above and check out all the previous episodes here.

Crossroads: What if lasagna-gate hadn’t rocked Spurs

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As the 2005-2006 season was coming to a close, Tottenham was on the precipice of a great feat. Finishing above Arsenal as well as qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

Then came the Lasagna.

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The night before the match, almost a dozen Spurs players ended up with food poisoning from a bad batch of Lasagna at a hotel buffet. It clearly affected the team the next day, as West Ham defeated Tottenham, 2-1. To make matters worse for Spurs, Arsenal jumped over them in the table in Thierry Henry’s last match before moving to Barcelona.

But what if that never happened? What if Tottenham had a perfectly fine dinner, defeated West Ham, and qualified for the Champions League?

Watch the latest episode of Crossroads above, and check out previous episodes on Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool on NBC Sports‘ Youtube Page.

Crossroads: What if Arsenal hadn’t gone unbeaten?

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The 2003-2004 Premier League season will forever be remembered for Arsenal’s Invincibles, the first team in history to go an entire 38-game season undefeated.

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But what if they hadn’t?

On the latest episode of NBC Sports’ new series Crossroads, host Aaron West dives into the Invincible season for Arsenal, and what would have happened if Arsenal lost along the way. Of course, we know that didn’t happen, and it wasn’t until the next season against Manchester United that Arsenal’s unbeaten run of 49 games was ended.

Watch the latest episode of Crossroads above, and check out previous episodes on Manchester City and Liverpool on NBC Sports‘ Youtube Page.


Watch NBC Sports’ new series, Crossroads

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What if Sergio Aguero hadn’t scored THAT goal to win Manchester City the title in the final seconds of the season. Or what if Steven Gerrard hadn’t slipped, allowing Demba Ba to score for Chelsea to ruin Liverpool’s title chase.

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In the new series from NBC Sports called Crossroads, host Aaron West dives deep into eight pivotal moments in Premier League history, including the two mentioned above. West sets up the scene, explaining why the moment was so crucial towards the season’s outcome. We then see what could have happened if the aforementioned events didn’t happen. What if Man City collapsed after missing out on the title in 2011? What if Liverpool did win the title in 2014, returning to the era of the Liverpool of old?

Of course, we all know that didn’t happen, but it’s fun to think about what if, and West nails it in describing what happened, and what – could have – happened.

The series is premiering today on Youtube, and you can watch the first two episodes here! Episode one is above, while two is below.

What if Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard doesn’t slip v. Chelsea? | Crossroads Ep. 2 | NBC Sports