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UEFA fines Wales and Galatasary, spare Arsenal

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Wales’ fans really like Gareth Bale. So much so that they stormed the pitch after he scored a late game-winner in Andorra during Euro qualifying.

The fans’ antics will cost the Football Association of Wales as UEFA handed down fines for the incident that occurred in early September.

Andorra was also fined for failing to have sufficient organization inside the stadium, to go along with the criticism they received for playing on an artificial surface.

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UEFA also fined Turkish club Galatasary for their fans’ behavior in their Champions League matchup against Arsenal. Flares were thrown onto the pitch at the Emirates in a match that saw Danny Welbeck net his first career hat trick.

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Arsenal was originally charged for failing to adequately search fans that were able to bring flares into the stadium. However, UEFA dropped the charges against the Gunners and ordered Galatasary to pay over $60,000 in fines, as well as pay to repair the damage their fans caused to the Emirates.

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Michel Platini and UEFA have been cracking down on off-the-pitch incidents, and have had their hands full with repeated acts of racism and discrimination by fans throughout Europe.

However, fining the clubs will have little effect on supporters’ behavior. The only way to truly punish fans would be to ban them from attending matches, similar to what was done with CSKA Moscow.

Player security to be reviewed after fans approach Gareth Bale

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Wales manager Chris Coleman decided not to play Gareth Bale on Friday night against Macedonia, citing match fitness as the issue. But that didn’t stop Bale from making headlines yet again. The world’s most expensive player was warming up during the halftime break when two Macedonia fans tried to hug him. Apparently not receptive to affection from the opposing side, Bale pushed them away.

Now, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) will review player security, which they insist has always been strong. However, having a super-mega star like Bale traveling with the Welsh team is unchartered territory, and FAW will need to consider whether there is more that can be done to protect their big stars. FAW was also careful to stress that, although Wales took a security staff along when traveling abroad, it was up to local football associations to create a secure environment inside their stadiums. It was Macedonia that should have taken steps to increase security and make sure that fans were unable to approach Bale during his warm up.

In other Gareth Bale news, fans of Northern Ireland displayed their sense of humor on Friday night as their side fell 4-2 to Portugal. Northern Ireland were winning 2-1 before Cristiano Ronaldo decided to dial up the heat. Even as Ronaldo scored a hat trick to put Portugal ahead, the home side’s supporters chanted, “You’re just a cheap Gareth Bale” at the fellow Real Madrid player.