Serie A fixtures
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Serie A fixtures set for remainder of 2019-20 season

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Serie A’s season will play out in 124 matches over 43 days between June 20 and Aug. 2.

The final day will see the two leaders in massive matches against traditional powers, as current leaders Juventus host Roma and second-place Lazio visits Napoli.

Those leaders also know when their final showdown with each other will take place. Lazio’s visit to Juventus is the only match on July 20.

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Juve is seeking its ninth-straight scudetto and leads Lazio by one point, with the second-place side boasting a better goal differential by nine. Lazio beat 10-man Juve 3-1 in December.

The Italian game whetted the appetites with Coppa Italia semifinals and the final this week, with Napoli beating Juventus in penalty kicks on Wednesday to give Gennaro Gattuso an Italian Cup as manager to go with the one he won as a player with AC Milan.

June 20
Torino v. Parma
Verona v. Cagliari

June 21
Atalanta v. Sassuolo
Inter Milan v. Sampdoria

June 22
Lecce v. Milan
Fiorentina v. Brescia
Bologna v. Juventus

June 23
SPAL v. Cagliari
Verona v. Napoli
Torino v. Udinese
Genoa v. Parma

June 24
Atalanta v. Lazio
Inter Milan v. Sassuolo
Roma v. Sampdoria

June 26
Juventus v. Lecce

June 27
Brescia v. Genoa
Cagliari v. Torino
Lazio v. Fiorentina

June 28
Milan v. Roma
Napoli v. SPAL
Sampdoria v. Bologna
Udinese v. Atalanta
Sassuolo v. Verona
Parma v. Inter Milan

June 30
Torino v. Lazio
Genoa v. Juventus

July 1
Bologna v. Cagliari
Inter Milan v. Brescia
Lecce v. Sampdoria
Fiorentina v. Sassuolo
SPAL v. Milan
Verona v. Parma

July 2
Juventus v. Torino
Sassuolo v. Lecce
Lazio v. Milan

The Turin Derby (Alessandro Di Marco/ANSA via AP)

July 5
Inter Milan v. Bologna
Sampdoria v. SPAL
Cagliari v. Atalanta
Brescia v. Verona
Udinese v. Genoa
Parma v. Fiorentina
Napoli v. Roma

July 7
Lecce v. Lazio
AC Milan v. Juventus

July 8
Genoa v. Napoli
Fiorentina v. Cagliari
Atalanta v. Sampdoria
Bologna v. Sassuolo
Torino v. Brescia
Roma v. Parma

July 9
SPAL v. Udinese
Verona v. Inter Milan

July 11
Lazio v. Sassuolo
Brescia v. Roma
Juventus v. Atalanta

July 12
Genoa v. SPAL
Parma v. Bologna
Fiorentina v. Verona
Cagliari v. Lecce
Udinese v. Sampdoria
Napoli v. Milan

July 13
Inter Milan v. Torino

July 14
Atalanta v. Brescia

July 15
Sampdoria v. Cagliari
Bologna v. Napoli
Milan v. Parma
Lecce v. Fiorentina
Sassuolo v. Juventus
Roma v. Verona
Udinese v. Lazio

July 16
Torino v. Genoa
SPAL v. Inter Milan

July 18
Verona v. Atalanta
Cagliari v. Sassuolo
Milan v. Bologna

July 19
Parma v. Sampdoria
Genoa v. Lecce
Fiorentina v. Torino
Napoli v. Udinese
Brescia v. SPAL
Roma v. Inter Milan

July 20
Juventus v. Lazio

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July 21
Atalanta v. Bologna
Sassuolo v. Milan

July 22
Parma v. Napoli
Torino v. Verona
SPAL v. Roma
Lecce v. Brescia
Inter Milan v. Fiorentina
Sampdoria v. Genoa

July 23
Udinese v. Juventus
Lazio v Cagliari

July 26
Milan v. Atalanta
Roma v. Fiorentina
Juventus v. Sampdoria
Cagliari v. Udinese
Verona v. Lazio
Brescia v. Parma
SPAL v. Torino
Napoli v. Sassuolo
Bologna v. Lecce
Genoa v. Inter Milan

July 29
Fiorentina v. Bologna
Verona v. SPAL
Udinese v. Lecce
Parma v. Atalanta
Lazio v. Brescia
Inter Milan v. Napoli
Cagliari v. Juventus
Torino v. Roma
Sampdora v. Milan
Sassuolo v Genoa

Aug. 2
Genoa v. Verona
Juventus v. Roma
Atalanta v. Inter Milan
SPAL v. Fiorentina
Bologna v. Torino
Napoli v. Lazio
Lecce v. Parma
Milan v. Cagliari
Brescia v. Sampdoria
Sassuolo v. Udinese

How to Watch Serie A

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  • TV Channel: ESPN
  • Stream LiveVia ESPN+

Balotelli turned away from Brescia training ground

Getty Images
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BRESCIA, Italy — Days after reportedly being fired by Brescia, Mario Balotelli was turned away by the club when he arrived for training on Tuesday.

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Balotelli walked up to the gate of Brescia’s training ground and, following a brief conversation with a club employee, he turned around.

As he walked away he said to media, “Now say that I don’t want to train.”

Balotelli was reportedly fired by his hometown club last weekend for failing to report to training as the Italian soccer league prepares to resume three months after being stopped by the coronavirus. The former Italy striker said he had stomach problems.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport said Balotelli sent another doctor’s note on Monday night to the club saying he had recovered, but that it didn’t arrive in time to send to the relevant authority and so he wouldn’t have been insured if he had injured himself in training.

Balotelli signed last August with Brescia – the city where he grew up with his adoptive family – in an emotional homecoming for a player who has jumped back and forth between the Italian, English and French leagues.

He scored five goals in 19 Serie A matches.

Serie A restart confirmed for June 13

Serie A restart
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The Serie A restart is now confirmed; they plan to restart the 2019-20 season on June 13, as Italy’s top-flight released a statement on Wednesday.

The restart plan needs to be approved by the government before games can take place.

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Per the release, Serie A had a conference call with broadcast partners and sponsors and said that they have a “need to comply with the payment deadlines set by the contracts to maintain a constructive relationship with them.”

Below is a little more detail from the Serie A restart to the 2019-20 season one month from today, as clubs voted on that date to resume as long as medical experts in the Italian government agree.

“As regards to the resumption of sporting activity, the date of 13 June for the resumption of the championship was indicated, in accordance with government decisions and in accordance with the medical protocols for the protection of players and all professionals.”

Serie A restart, but Italy still recovering

Italy has been one of the worst hit countries in Europe by the coronavirus pandemic and was the epicenter of the European outbreak in March and for most of April.

Serie A added that Dr. Nanni of Bologna will represent the league when it comes to abiding by the Italian FA (FIGC) guidelines and the medical protocols put in place.

Per those guidelines, if any player or member of staff tests positive for COVID-19, the entire team will have to go into quarantine for 15 days.

That is a major point of contention for most clubs, as Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga teams have instead agreed to isolate individuals who test positive and carry on with group training.

Serie A currently have an epic title battle on their hands, with Juventus top of the table but just one point ahead of Lazio and nine points ahead of Inter Milan who have a game in hand. There is also an almighty battle against relegation and for the Champions League and Europa League spots.

So, in short, there’s plenty to play for the Serie A restart. Its plan will be watched closely by La Liga and the Premier League as three of Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues plan to return all within 24 hours of one another. With the Bundesliga restarting this weekend, France’s Ligue 1 is the only major European top-flight to cancel their season.

Serie A team training will resume May 18 with strict quarantine protocol

Serie A return
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Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora announced that team training will resume on May 18, though there will be plenty of oversight.

Clubs could be sent to quarantine for 14 days if a player tests positive for coronavirus, challenging the players and staff to remain home and play by the rules. Football-Italia notes that this differs from the Bundesliga policy, which merely isolates those who teste positive.

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The clubs will have to pay for their own medical testing and not tax the medical system. Football-Italia also says that the clubs will be responsible should their players test positive.

So what does this mean about on-field action? From

“When will the season be able to resume? The line of prudence is the right one. It’ll take at least another week to understand the contagion curve and then make a decision on the campaign. All team training will start again on May 18 and I’ll present the document tomorrow to ensure that all sports complexes safely reopen, starting with gyms, by the end of May.”

Spadafora said that the path to Serie A resumption had “narrowed” late last month, and reports say the league had previously targeted June 2 for a restart.

Chances of Serie A resuming looking bleak

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MILAN — The chances of the soccer season resuming in Italy are looking increasingly unlikely and a definitive decision could even be made by the end of the week.

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Premier Giuseppe Conte announced Sunday that professional sports teams can resume training on May 18. The move means that in theory Serie A could resume playing games in June – albeit without fans.

However, Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora remains sceptical.

“I always said that resuming training absolutely does not mean resuming the season,” Spadafora told Italian television channel LA7 on Wednesday. “I understand some people saying but that leaves us with uncertainty. If we don’t want uncertainty than we need to follow other countries which have already shut down everything.

“Honestly, I see the path to restarting Serie A getting ever narrower. Resuming training is an important sign but if I was among the presidents of the soccer teams I would be thinking about next season.”

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France became the first of Europe’s top five leagues to call off its season on Tuesday and Spadafora said that “could push Italy and other European countries to follow that line.”

Serie A’s governing body is having an emergency meeting on Friday.

“Having read what some people have said, we could have a surprise after the league meets because I think there could be a majority of presidents ready to ask for the season to be ended so they can best prepare for next season,” Spadafora said.

Serie A has been suspended since March 9, when the government ordered a nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Twelve rounds of matches remain in the season in Italy, plus four other games that were earlier postponed. The Italian Cup was suspended after the first leg of the semifinals.

Sports medicine officials have clashed over a proposed health protocol for soccer players and a new proposal is expected at the end of the week.

“I’m not looking for zero risk because unfortunately we can’t look for that,” Spadafora said. “I’ve only asked the protocol proposed by the Italian soccer federation be viable.

“For example: are we that sure that it will be really possible to carry out the number of tests proposed? The protocol also applies to the lower leagues which don’t have the resources to apply it.”

More than 27,000 people have died from coronavirus in Italy. However, the number of daily new cases of COVID-19, as well as the fatalities, have seen a steady decline and the country is set to ease lockdown measures on May 4, allowing individuals to practice sport outdoors.

Spadafora said that the two weeks between that and the May 18 date for teams resuming training will be crucial.

“But I can’t say today whether the season will resume in mid June,” he added. “From now until then it’s a month and a half, so time enough that we can hope the country is much better, but we can’t have any certainty. I appeal to the league and to the federation: start thinking about a plan B.”