Arsenal reveal plan for Wenger’s successor

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For the first time in almost 22 years Arsenal will have to start a managerial search.

And if you believe the reports, Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis has been busy on this for at least a few months with candidates lined up.


Speaking at a press conference on Friday after Wenger’s announcement that he will step down as Arsenal’s manager at the end of the season, Gazidis revealed the qualities he and the Arsenal board are looking for in a new manager.

“Tomorrow we have to start thinking about how we move forward. We are going to take what Arsene has given us and continue the values he has instilled,” Gazidis said. “It’s going to be a condensed summer with the World Cup in the middle of it. Having clarity sooner is better. We want someone who plays progressive, exciting football that gets people interested and excited in games we play. Another significant piece is how the candidate represents the club and it must be someone who gives youth a chance.”

That’s a pretty long wish list, Ivan.

The crux of this is that Arsenal want to get this sorted quickly but it seems like they may wait until after the World Cup to see who’s available.

Joachim Loew would be the main man they would wait for, but the likes of Carlo Ancelotti and Brendan Rodgers could come in soon and get started on LAW (Life After Wenger) ASAP.

Rodgers seems to tick the most boxes out of the candidates mentioned so far, with the current Celtic boss always keen to promote youngster and he has always produced exciting, attacking teams at Liverpool and Swansea in the past.

Yet Ancelotti would be a safe hire with his glut of trophies and his experience of managing huge clubs, something owner Stan Kroenke would surely favor in order to safeguard his investments. Get ready for weeks of speculation about Wenger’s successor but it appears Arsenal want to move on quickly as Gazidis has a big decision to make.

But as we saw when Sir Alex Ferguson was replaced at Manchester United, the man replacing a legendary figure such as Wenger will have a huge task to steady the ship, let alone turn Arsenal back into a top four force.

Perhaps the second manager to come in will have greater success as younger managers, and former Arsenal midfielders, Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta have been mentioned.

Report: Arsenal rift could give MLS its next commissioner

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The Telegraph’s Matt Law has a report that could give us the identity of Major League Soccer’s next commissioner.

Law says a power struggle between Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis and manager Arsene Wenger could see the former leave the Emirates Stadium.

Gazidis is said to want structural changes at Arsenal regardless of whether Wenger stays as manager beyond his season, and Wenger reportedly will only stay if he maintains his current role. The Arsenal manager ridiculed the “director of football” position earlier this Spring.

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Gazidis arrived in Arsenal after seven years as deputy commissioner to Don Garber, who is out of contract at the end of next year, and continues to praise the league since leaving the United States. The 59-year-old Garber could well step aside from the gig after his contract, and Gazidis could be lined up as his replacement.

Garber succeeded inaugural leader Doug Logan as MLS commish in 1999.

Arsenal: Decision on Wenger’s contract to be made together, says Gazidis

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VATICAN CITY (AP) Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis says the team will deal with manager Arsene Wenger‘s future “in our own way and in our own time.”

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Wenger’s contract expires at the end of this season, his 21st year with the club.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Vatican conference on faith and sport, Gazidis tells The Associated Press “he’s been clear and we’ve always been clear, that’s a mutual decision as to how long he’ll continue. Both need to be on the same page on that.”

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For many fans, the 66-year-old Wenger has been the only manager they’ve ever known at Arsenal.

Gazidis says “Arsenal is not Arsene Wenger. They’re not one in the same thing. … In a football sense, he has transformed the club.”

Arsenal insist they won’t spend big to compete with Premier League rivals

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Arsenal fans, I can already hear you venting.

The 2015-16 Premier League runners up have signed Granit Xhaka, Rob Holding and Tasumo Asano this summer but many fans and pundits believe Arsene Wenger‘s side is still short of a top class center back and a predatory striker.

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Well, bad news. It doesn’t seem like major cash will be splashed this summer.

Speaking in California ahead of Arsenal’s game against the MLS All-Stars on Thursday, chief executive Ivan Gazidis revealed that the Gunners’ transfer policy is not going to change.

“We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money. We have to be very careful, very selective,” Gazidis said. “We would not be successful if we simply went out into the transfer market and tried to outgun our competitors.

“We’re run in a self-sustaining way, and a way that we believe in, because we believe it gives us certainty for the future and enables us to plan our future with confidence. That means we can’t afford to make huge mistakes in the transfer market. We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money to splurge on transfer fees than we do. So we have to be very careful, very selective about how we do things.”

Arsenal lost out on the Premier League title to Leicester City last season which infuriated their fans mostly because in a campaign where Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea all struggled they couldn’t seize their best chance in a decade to win the title.

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Yes, the Gunners have spent big to bring in Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Xhaka in recent years but compared to the spending of United, City, Chelsea and even Liverpool this summer, they are miles behind.

When all is said and done you have to admire the business Arsenal has become with the Emirates Stadium a beacon for their success. However, just as we saw last season during the second half of the campaign, fans will protest as they are desperate to do more than see their team finish in the top four every season and then bow out in the first knockout round of the UEFA Champions League.

Unless Arsenal’s prudent model of spending changes drastically, you really can’t see them challenging for the UCL title and being favorites to win the PL. It’s that simple.

Wenger gets a lot of abuse for apparently not spending the cash at his disposal but after comments like this from Gazidis it is clear that the club isn’t going to hand him vasts amounts of cash.

Arsenal chief executive says manager Arsene Wenger will stay on as long as he wants

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is entering his 20th season in charge of the Gunners, an unheard of number in today’s game.

His boss, chief executive Ivan Gazidis, says there’s no reason why that number can’t continue to increase.

“He’s been incredibly important for us,” Gazidis said to Singapore publication The Strait Times of the 65-year-old manager. “You never know but he’s in great health and he’s doing incredibly well. He’s full of energy and enthusiasm, his hunger is still there, and I’d never put an end-date on it.”

By far the most tenured manager in the English football league and one of the longest in the European game, Wenger is often knocked for his inability to win titles recently, having won three Premier League championships but none since 2004. Wenger has also never won a Champions League title. All these piling up have seen some fans start to rumble and grumble in recent months.

Despite this, Gazidis is fully behind his French manager. “We believe we have the right man in the club and we’re very pleased that he’s full of health and willing to carry us forward.”

He also said, while they aren’t on the financial level yet of teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, the club is able to make significant moves. However, it’s the famous youth system that Gazidis is most proud of.

“We’re not able to compete at that [financial] level yet,” said the 50-year-old executive. “It’s true now we also have the ability to add some players [at] the top. But what’s more important to us is that we’re able to continue our [youth] development philosophy and then hold on to the players. That’s the most exciting story, that’s what the success of Arsenal is built on and is going to be built on. And if you look at all the most successful football clubs over time, they all have that at their heart.”

Wenger last year brought young players Francis Coquelin and Hector Bellerin into significant first-team duty, able to squeeze the best out of such inexperienced youngsters. However, the team still finished third, 12 points adrift of Chelsea at the top.