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Carragher apologizes to Evra over Suarez t-shirts

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Jamie Carragher has apologized to Patrice Evra after Liverpool wore t-shirts in support of Luis Suarez in 2011.

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The day after Suarez was banned for eight games by the English Football Association, who found him guilty of racially abusing Evra, Liverpool’s players put on t-shirts with Suarez on the front and back during their warm up in a Premier League game against Wigan Athletic.

Carragher and Evra were both analysts for our partners at Sky Sports in the UK on Monday Night Football for the clash between Sheffield United and Arsenal, and discussed the current problems with racism in the game.

“There is no doubt we made a massive mistake; that was obvious,” Carragher said.

Liverpool’s former vice-captain asked Evra how he felt regarding the situation with Suarez, and the former Man United, Juventus and Monaco left back revealed his disgust at the way the situation was handled.

“When I saw it I was like, this is ridiculous. This is unbelievable,” Evra said. You put your own club in danger when you do those things. You always have to support your player because he is from your team but this was after the ban. If it was before and we were waiting for the sanction, I would understand. What message do you send to the world? Supporting someone being banned because he used some racist words.”

Click play on the video above for the full discussion between Carragher and Evra.

VIDEO: Carragher gives linesman relief with VR display of Chelsea equalizer

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Jamie Carragher may have not meant to do it, but the longtime Liverpool man successfully argued the case for Video Assistant Referee on Monday.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Carragher used the VAR without the A — virtual reality — to show why the linesman was unlikely to catch a yards-offside Cesar Azpilicueta in Chelsea’s comeback win over Cardiff City on Sunday.

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The loss may well cost Cardiff City its place in the Premier League, but the linesman would’ve been forced to stay on the end line for the attempt and — apparently — would’ve understandably had his line of sight blocked by Willian‘s dome.

It’s fascinating stuff. Well done, Sky and Jamie.

And Neil Warnock, you should still be angry. The eye in the sky wouldn’t have lied.

Jamie Carragher suspended as pundit

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Sky Sports have suspended pundit Jamie Carragher at least until the end of the current season.

The Liverpool legend was filmed spitting at a car of Manchester United fans after Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to their bitter rivals last Saturday.

Carragher has since apologized profusely for his actions after the video was published by the Daily Mirror in the UK.

He was filmed by a Man United fan who was driving alongside him on the highway and chucking banter his way about United’s win. Carragher then leaned out of the window and spat at the car, hitting the 14-year-old daughter of the driver filming the incident.

The former European champion, who spent his entire career at Liverpool, is one of Sky’s lead pundits alongside Gary Neville but Carragher didn’t feature on their broadcast of Stoke versus Manchester City on Monday after video of the incident emerged.

Here is the statement from Sky on Carragher’s future.

“Jamie has taken full responsibility for what has happened and we will ensure he gets the help he needs to guarantee something like this never happens again. Before the start of the next season we will sit down with Jamie to discuss whether he is ready to return to his role.”

Carragher slams invisible Sturridge: “It’s like playing with 10 men”

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There’s no doubt about it: the modern game, and the ways in which we discuss it, are extremely harsh on strikers.

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With so many sides the world over opting for a system that deploys a lone striker — often times completely isolated and facing two central defenders — goals are harder and harder to come by for these leading men. When the rest of the team does their part, though, shouldering the goal-scoring load, all is well in the world.

When the necessary service isn’t there, and those few-and-far-between chances aren’t converted, the hours and day following a crushing defeat are an absolute nightmare for strikers. Take, for example, Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge, who on Wednesday had one clear-cut look at goal in Liverpool’s EFL Cup semifinals defeat to Southampton, and fired it well over the crossbar. After the game, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher declared open season on Sturridge — quotes from the Telegraph:

“When he plays and he doesn’t score you’re basically down to 10 men because he doesn’t offer anything else. The only reason to have him in the team is for finishing ability. He doesn’t do anything else in the game now.”

“He’s had a really poor night and usually he finishes that. He’s a completely different player now to what he was when he first came under Brendan Rodgers. He used to give you penetration in behind and he had pace.

“I don’t know whether his pace has completely gone, or he’s worried about injuries — but his pace has gone. All he does is come to feet now.”

This has always been the knock on Sturridge — that he’s blindingly brilliant on his day, but a total passenger when he’s not getting goals. There’s also the “when he’s healthy” caveat, by which point you begin to wonder whether or not Sturridge can be counted on as the leading man for a title-contending team. (Remember: in 2013-14, he played second fiddle to Luis Suarez.)

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In truth, Sturridge seems a poor fit for Jurgen Klopp‘s high-pressing, counter-attacking system which requires a high level of work rate from all 10 outfield players. Any decent coach — which Klopp has proven himself, clearly — will alter his system in order to get the very best out of a transcendent player, but with each passing performance, Sturridge seems less and less that level of player.

“Best Hater” trophy for Carragher shows Balotelli’s banter game is in-form

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Please, please, please be relevant again, Mario Balotelli.

The mercurial if not petulant striker has struggled to produce in his last two seasons, with Liverpool and Milan, and has earned the ire of many a soccer fan.

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Now at Nice and hoping to thrive, Balotelli has responded to criticism from the ex-Liverpool defender in the best way possible: with classic “Finally Mario” style.

Here’s Carragher’s Tweet, followed by Balotelli’s fabulous reply (He’s pictured above playing in charity game for Carragher).

The Italian striker’s Tweet has a “Best Hater” trophy that features a Balotelli-mirror selfie in the trophy. Whether you like Balotelli or not, he’s got a cutting edge in humor.