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Report: La Liga’s Tebas a contender to lead Premier League

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The leader of Spain’s La Liga has become a surprise leading candidate to take charge of the Premier League.

According to a report from The Times in the UK, Javier Tebas has emerged as a frontrunner to replace long-time chief executive Richard Scudamore who stepped down in December.

Tebas has been in charge of Spain’s top-flight since 2013 and has helped the league grown into a mammoth in terms of TV rights worldwide, with only the Premier League ahead of La Liga in terms of revenue generated from selling rights to show their games.

With Scudamore stepping down as the PL’s chief executive in December 2018 the league have been searching for a successor for quite some time as his exit was planned.

Susanna Dinnage initially accepted the role then backed out, while reports state that Tim Davie from the BBC also turned down the chance to succeed Scudamore.

Tebas has a reputation as someone who is keen to try new things and he is the person driving overseas games in the Spanish top-flight. La Liga agreed a deal to play regular-season games in the United States of America (the first of which was supposed to be in Miami in January between Barcelona and Girona) but they are yet to take place as talks between FIFA, the Spanish Football Association and the players’ association continue.

Per the report, the main stumbling block with Tebas getting the gig at the Premier League is that his English is limited. That said, if he is given a period of time to step into the role there’s no doubt he could sort out that issue rather easily in 6-12 months.

There are some concerns being mentioned about Tebas’ alleged support of a right-wing political party in Spain, Vox, while his radical ideas to take league games overseas could lead to plenty of uproar in England and Wales as many fans do not want it to happen.

Barcelona manager pushes for VAR after missed Messi goal

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It’s funny how nobody pushes for these things until the bad things happen to them.

Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde is suddenly a proponent of VAR and goal-line technology after a missed call cost Lionel Messi a goal and possibly cost Barcelona two points.

“I think we all agree that in these plays so evident, the topic of VAR is not about re-refereeing the games, but it was clear that it had crossed and that we are still with this issues puts us on the spot,” he said after the match. “The other day against Malaga there was a ball that went out, we scored and it benefited us.”

What’s more, this incident took place just weeks after the La Liga president announced that the league would institute VAR next season after being vehemently against it for some time, claiming it was too expensive.

“Next season there will be VAR in La Liga, without a doubt,” said league president Javier Tebas on November 14th. “We are making lots of progress in meetings about it right now and it will be ready very soon.”

Barcelona could have taken a commanding six-point lead at the top of the table that would have given them much more room for error, but instead they sit just four points above Valencia, unable to gain any cushion.

La Liga president launches into tirade on PSG and Neymar

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Having exhausted legal options, La Liga’s president Javier Tebas is going public with his frustrations over Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

Speaking at the SoccerEx conference in Manchester on Wednesday, Tebas made disparaging comments about PSG and Neymar in relation to the club potentially breaching Financial Fair Play rules.

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“PSG are laughing at the system,’ Tebas said through a translator. “A Spanish journalist defined it, and I hope I am not being rude, as like they were peeing in the bed or the swimming pool. Well Neymar has gone on to the diving board and peed into the pool — it can’t be tolerated.”

It’s a shame that Tebas has to stoop to that level to express his feelings over the transfer, which shifts attention and sponsorship dollars from Spain to France. At the end of the day, PSG paid the agreed release clause for Neymar, and Barcelona had to let him leave.

If Tebas wants to be mad at anyone, he should direct his anger at Barcelona for not making the release clause higher, or he should lobby to rescind the rule that forces all players to have a release clause.

Spanish clubs invest only $19 million in winter transfer window

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MADRID (AP) — Spanish league clubs spent only 18 million euros ($19.2 million) in signings in the winter transfer window, the lowest figure among the top leagues.

The Spanish league said Wednesday that the numbers were low in part because teams prioritized retaining talent and improved financial control.

Spanish league president Javier Tebas said local “clubs are spending less because they are operating more maturely.”

He noted that the results are proving very positive,” as Spanish clubs have been succeeding in European competitions recently.

Tebas said “the economic landscape has also changed for investors” and the league “can guarantee them peace of mind when they invest, as there are financial controls and guarantees in place.”

By contrast, Premier League clubs spent a record 237 million pounds ($300 million) in the January transfer window.

Barcelona asks court to act against Spanish league president

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BARCELONA, Spain (AP) Barcelona is asking a sports tribunal to consider sanctioning the Spanish federation and the president of the Spanish league after they condemned a goal celebration and accused players of provoking rival fans.

The club said Thursday it has formally requested the Administrative Court of Sport open disciplinary proceedings against Javier Tebas and members of the federation’s competition committee after their “unacceptable public declarations and assessments” about Barcelona players.

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The competition committee fined Valencia 1,500 euros ($1,600) on Wednesday after water bottles were thrown at Barcelona players celebrating a late winner in a Spanish league match on Saturday in Valencia.

It also condemned the attitude of the players by saying they shouldn’t have turned to the stands to celebrate and that they exaggerated after some of them were hit by one of the bottles. It said their actions exposed them to ridicule.

Barcelona said the committee “is not there to make assessments but rather to take disciplinary action, or not, in order to make an example of incidents that occur” on the pitch.

“Making statements regarding the actions of the players adds even more tension to a situation that must be deescalated,” Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu said.

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Bartomeu also had harsh words for Tebas, who told Spanish media that he didn’t like the attitude of some Barcelona players, hinting that they provoked the fans during their celebration.

“The declarations made by Tebas are irresponsible and unbecoming of a sports executive,” Bartomeu said.

Barcelona’s next game is Saturday against last-place Granada at the Camp Nou.