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Wolves star Traore confirms NFL interest

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Adama Traore has confirmed that plans were in place for him to attend NFL tryouts as a teenager.

It was revealed by his teammate Romain Saiss that the Wolves winger was so quick when he urged to switch from soccer to American football.

Traore, 23, confirmed that there was interest and his trainer in Barcelona was keen for him to switch sports.

“Yes, that happened. When I was in Barcelona, my personal trainer at the time told me he had a friend from the USA. He said why couldn’t I go there and try the testing that they (NFL teams) do,” Traore told the Daily Mail. “I didn’t think about it. I thought it was funny. My dream was to be a football player. And it’s going well. It can be better – always. But it’s going well.”

Well, Adama, in the soccer world we are glad you stuck to soccer.

Traore has taken a while to get going in England but after his initial arrival at Aston Villa from Barcelona in 2015 to his move to Middelsbrough and now at Wolves, the powerful winger has really found his feet during the 2019-20 Premier League season.

He has finally added end product to his incredible pace and power and Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo always kept faith in Traore, even deploying him in a more defensive role this season.

His best position is out wide and he has four goals and four assists to his name so far this season, as he’s ripped apart Man City twice and his partnership with Raul Jimenez in the final third has added an extra dimension to the Wolves attack.

What would his best position have been in NFL? Running back or a small tight end, probably. His explosive pace is unreal and as we’ve seen with Christian Wade switching from rugby to the NFL, there has been some success swapping sports but obviously soccer is very different to the NFL.

If any player in the Premier League can make the crossover a success, it would be Traore.

Could Harry Kane really become an NFL kicker?

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Harry Kane has previously spoken about his desire to give kicking a go in the NFL once his soccer career is over.

Could he actually do it?

A former Tottenham Hotspur striker who did exactly that and kicked for the London Monarchs in 1997, Clive Allen, believes Kane has the capabilities to follow in his footsteps.

Kane, 26, is a huge NFL fan and in particular he’s a supporter of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. He was at the Super Bowl celebrating with the Patriots last season after their success in Atlanta, while he was also at the NFL’s games in London at Tottenham’s new stadium.

His love for the NFL is strong and he’s said on multiple occasions he has thought about becoming a kicker in the years to come.

Speaking to our partners Sky Sports in the UK, Allen knows Kane well and believes he can succeed as an NFL kicker.

“You can imagine, there is so much going on around you in American football that you have to be 100 per cent focused on what you are doing as a kicker,” Allen said. “But knowing Harry as I do having worked with him, he is someone who has worked tirelessly on his game to become one of the best strikers in world football, so I know he has the mentality for it.

“Throughout his career, at every stage of it, he has dealt with the challenge. He has scored goals and he has improved himself. He would be able to adapt. In fact, I think he would go on to become very good at it. He has a strong leg and he can strike a ball well. Having that feel when you strike the ball is very important. He would take to it. It is something that as his football career finishes he could turn to afterwards. He would still be physically capable of doing it, for sure.”

Levy wants to host Tottenham, NFL games on same day

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Maybe NFL and Premier League teams can share players as well as a stadium?

Imagine Tom Brady playing up front for Tottenham. Imagine Harry Kane at quarterback for the New England Patriots.

That’s not going to happen, but back-to-back NFL and Premier League games at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium could.

After the first NFL game held at Tottenham’s glitzy new $1.25 billion stadium (the Oakland Raiders beat the Chicago Bears) was a roaring success, the London Evening Standard have the details on Spurs chairman Daniel Levy planning to host both types of football on the same day, one after another.

“The intention with the design was to avoid the overlay that other stadiums have to go through,” Tom Jones, senior principal at design firm Populous. “The brief that we got from Daniel and the club was that they wanted a stadium that was perfect for football.

“But he had a great ambition to get the NFL to Tottenham. There are sliding pitches all over the world, but Tottenham had the ambition to be able to host multiple events. So, they wanted to be able to make it happen quickly. Daniel has a great ambition one day, which we all fear, of hosting a double-header of football in the morning and NFL in the evening.”

Now, this is all about one thing, proving that if the NFL ever has a franchise in London it will be based at Tottenham’s stadium. Spurs will often play on a Saturday, but a lot of their games are moved to Sunday’s so there could be some logistical issues.

Levy wasn’t having any of that.

With Wembley and Twickenham previously hosting NFL games in London, Spurs’ new home was built specifically to host NFL games as well as soccer.

A grass pitch which rolls out to reveal a turf pitch for NFL is one thing, but Spurs also have full-size NFL locker rooms and is ready to host a franchise.

Levy’s dream is to make this stadium a beacon of success for the Tottenham area and if they could have an NFL franchise as well as Spurs in this venue, it would be a huge financial windfall for the club and locals.

At 62,000, it is probably a better size than Wembley (90,000 capacity) to host an NFL team which plays eight home games a season rather than the four per season currently in London.

Spurs have set things up to have back-to-back football on Sunday’s. Let’s see if it happens.

NFL legend Andersen to help Carli Lloyd

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Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen has revealed he has reached out to Carli Lloyd to help the USWNT legend transition to the NFL.

Lloyd, 38, had offers to kick for NFL teams during preseason after a video of her nailing a 55-yard field goal in a practice session with the Philadelphia Eagles went viral.

The two-time World Cup winner and 2015 Women’s World Player of the Year turned down that offer, but she has revealed that she plans to train properly and pursue the opportunity to become the first-ever female player in the NFL.

Speaking to the Dan Patrick Show, Andersen revealed that he is willing to help in whatever way he can.

“My whole point of reaching out to Carli was simply to say, ‘Listen, I think you’re a world-class athlete. I think it’s amazing what you’ve done on the world stage on behalf of the United States, I think this is worth celebrating and embracing. I have some expertise in this field, so if you’re really serious about it and you want to move on in the offseason, I’m available to help in any way I can.’ I think her thought was to try to do this next year, in 2020,” Andersen said.

Asked if Lloyd would be able to kick field goals in the NFL, Andersen said wearing pads and having a snapper and holder would be a huge adjustment for Lloyd and something that would take time to get used to.

While in another interview with, he Mortensen said that Lloyd has the fundamentals to make a success of any NFL chance that comes her way.

“Will a woman be able to do it? It would be awesome to celebrate that and to include that as part of the nuance of the game,” Andersen said. “Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Wouldn’t that open the game up, to the world? Think about all the young girls, and the hope it would give them. Just that statement that it makes that the league is not only inclusive, but a woman who has a high level of talent and decides to do this is allowed to do it.”

Carli Lloyd reveals plans to pursue NFL career

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If Carli Lloyd is going to do this, she’s going to do it properly.

That is the message from the camp of the USWNT legend, as Lloyd, 37, has been invited to kick for an unnamed NFL team in their preseason finale on Thursday, but the USWNT play Portugal in a friendly on the same day.

Her trainer and manager Alan Galanis told that Lloyd is now focusing on training over the offseason and getting ready for the possibility of being a kicker for the 2020 NFL season.

“If she’s going to do this, she’ll do it — she’ll train in the offseason, she’ll get herself ready so that she just doesn’t do it for the sake of doing it,” Galanis said. “If she’s going to do it, she’s going to do it so that she can be a success.”

How did we get to this point with the 2015 Women’s World Player of the Year?

A video of Lloyd kicking a 55-yard field goal went viral last week, as she took part in a joint training session with the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.

Offers then arrived, and Lloyd revealed to Fox Sports that she’s keen to give it a go.

“This has all been so wild. Can’t believe how big this has become,” Lloyd said. “I am having discussions with my husband and James about the reality of playing in the NFL. They both feel that I could do it and should consider it. So I’m seriously considering it, as it’s a challenge (and) I would probably enjoy it.”

If this did happen, Lloyd would become the first-ever women to play in the NFL.

Look out for Lloyd practicing field goals on a field near you this offseason…