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Klopp on Liverpool leadership during pandemic (video)

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Two of our favorites met over video chat this week, as Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke with NBC’s Rebecca Lowe about the manager’s life during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s no surprise to hear the Liverpool boss is focused on bigger issues than the absence of football, even as his team waits to be crowned Premier League winners for the very first time.

In fact, any issues football is facing are less important, he says.

“Other people have bigger problems,” he said. “Losing their jobs, being seriously ill. The elder and more vulnerable people, that’s what we have to think about. In these moments you can lose a bit of patience, that’s normal, but we try to give a positive perspective as well.”

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

Rebecca asked the 52-year-old what he hopes humanity learns from this time in history. He says he hopes that one of the lessons is to take care of older people like we do now, and ultimately that what we have in common is bigger than our differences.

“If we really take care of each other more, that’s very important. We are so often in our own world, so this problem shows that the whole world has the same problem. It happened in one month, the whole world had the same problem. Before that there was Brexit and problems between the countries. In this moment, we really see we live in the same place and we have to take care of the same place. I really hope we can learn this from the time. I’m pretty sure we will. This generation is good in learning.”

Klopp says he’s taken the current situation “as good as possible” and admitted that he’s found some joy in having time for unusual pursuits.

He’s learned how to tie.

“It’s unbelievable. I learned it in 30 minutes probably but 52 years before I had absolutely no skill for it.”

Klopp also says he’s started running again, and that he has a warmer relationship with his dog due to the extra time spent together.

He says Liverpool has stayed connected and has found success in communication through a huge chat group.

“We have a wonderful chat group with roundabout 60 people, players and pretty much the whole Melwood staff,” Klopp said. “It’s a really lively chat and that helps a lot. We wanted to do that from the first day, we said nobody should be alone in this situation. Nobody should feel alone.”

Klopp said Liverpool’s big challenge as a staff is control. He’s a leader and an organizer. He can handle the first part from a distance but the latter proves a challenge.

“We are pretty good in planning things but usually we plan for a moment and we don’t know when this moment will be. We will not know if we will we start or when we will start, which we all hope for, and it’s not clear whether we have three weeks or four weeks preparation. …  We take what we get.”

The club is still “as organized as possible,” Klopp stressed.

VIDEO: Kevin De Bruyne speaks with Rebecca Lowe on coronavirus lockdown

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Our ‘Inside the Mind’ series sees our NBC Sports talent sit down with a plethora of star names from across the Premier League to discuss the finer points of the game and this edition focuses on a Kevin De Bruyne.

Man City’s record-chasing midfielder caught up with our Rebecca Lowe on life under lockdown and more.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

The start of the coronavirus suspension for De Bruyne’s family was a bit scary, as his wife and two sons were sick form 8-9 days.

He says he’s not sure whether or not they had the virus, but he only had minor symptoms and is happy to report that they are better now.

“To keep in touch these days is not really hard,” he said. “We considered maybe to go home but we live in Manchester. We’re used to being here and I think it was the better option to stay here. …. It’s not (a nice situation), but it’s not nice for anybody.”

He said he realizes how fortunate he is to have a house with a playground and room to run around, labeling his 4-year-old and 18-month-old sons “two savages… They just destroy the whole house. That’s two little boys I guess.”

De Bruyne also spoke to how hard it was to hear that manager Pep Guardiola’s mother died from COVID-19 complications, playing Fortnite with Dele Alli, and his hopes of returning to the United States with City in the future.

VIDEO: Inside the Mind of Ben Davies

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Our ‘Inside the Mind’ series sees our NBC Sports talent sit down with a plethora of star names from across the Premier League to discuss the finer points of the game and this edition focuses on Tottenham Hotspur defender Ben Davies.

The Welsh international chatted with our own Rebecca Lowe recently for an intriguing discussion on the current challenges in our world.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

Davies, who signed a new five-year contract with Spurs before the season, lays out his Tottenham teammates are staying in shape during the coronavirus pandemic suspension.

He’s also talk about how he has lent a helping hand during challenging times, and describes a typical day in lockdown including Zoom training sessions with Spurs.

NBC Group Chat: ‘World Cup’ style Premier League return?

NBC Group Chat
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Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe welcome the all-stars of the NBC Sports broadcast crew into a roundtable (via web) discussion of all things soccer in a socially-responsible social distance podcast.

Wednesday’s NBC Group Chat talks on reported plans for the Premier League’s return as well as staffs and players taking pay cuts for the health of their clubs.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

Rebecca Lowe, Arlo White, Lee Dixon, Graeme Le Saux, and Kyle Martino join The 2 Robbies to discuss reports of the Premier League’s potential plans to resume the season, including one which involves “World Cup-style” camps over June and July (1:00).

The team also shares their thoughts on players taking pay cuts to help clubs deal with financial problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (30:32).

Elsewhere, Rebecca takes center stage with a new show of sorts.

The PL morning hero takes a walk through the world of Premier League social media this week.

Check the video above, and the audio below:


LISTEN: NBC Group Chat talks responding to difficult situations

Premier League
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/EMPICS via Getty Images
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You can take the soccer away from the NBC Sports Soccer broadcast crew, but you can’t take the crew away from the soccer.

Rebecca Lowe, Lee Dixon, Graeme Le Saux, Robbie Earle, Robbie Mustoe and Kyle Martino all got together for the second edition of the Premier League on NBC Group Chat.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

This episode each member of the team shared a challenging moment they went through during their careers and discussed how they handled those difficult situations.

For Robbie Mustoe, there’s a tricky tale of former Italy star Fabrizio Ravanelli and some locker room drama at Middlesbrough.

“The Italians would be in one corner, the Brazilians another, and the Brits stuck together and were the majority, but it wasn’t a great scenario. The season before we did alright and finished in the top ten. The following season we had all these runs to cup finals but we were relegated.”