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Pique after Barca comeback: “Tonight I am going to party”

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Ivan Rakitic compared Barcelona’s comeback to the Super Bowl, while manager Luis Enrique made a Harlem Globetrotters reference in thanking fans.

Gerard Pique? He just wants to party.

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The veteran Barca center back and partner of Shakira was feeling pretty romantic after Barca erased a 4-0 first leg loss to PSG and advanced to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals with a 6-1 win at the Camp Nou on Wednesday.

Pique compared the win to another famous Barcelona goal before moving on to… other things. From The Telegraph:

“I have lived the goal of (Andres) Iniesta (in the last minute of the Champions League semi-final) at Stamford Bridge (against Chelsea in 2009) but it does not compare to today.

“It’s one thing to score a goal in the 95th minute, three in seven minutes. One can speak of miracle. Tonight I am going to party even though I have training tomorrow… They hire many nurses in hospitals for these times because today you’re going to make love a lot.”

So December 8, 2017, could be the birth day of a lot of Sergis, Robertos, and Neymars. Either way, let’s hope Shakira enjoyed the win just as much as her fella.

Barca defender Gerard Pique gave Shakira “permission” to do sultry video with Rihanna


Gerard Pique may be 10 years the junior of his girlfriend Shakira, but the Colombian pop star has made it clear that he says what goes when it comes to certain aspects of his career.

The Barcelona defender, who may sit Barca’s next match to ensure his participation in the upcoming El Clasico, is apparently very opinionated when it comes to how sultry Shakira can be in her videos… and with whom she can film.

According to

The video, featuring the two women caressing each other and smoking cigars, was steamy enough that Shakira asked Pique for permission to shoot it.

“He’s very territorial, and since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do them with women,” she says with a laugh. “It’s more than implied in our relationship that I can’t do videos like I used to. It’s out of the question – which I like, by the way. I like that he protects his turf and he values me, in a way that the only person that he would ever let graze my thigh would be Rihanna.”

It’s pretty old school — some are saying archaic — and just bizarre to think about. So you’re cool with your lady making a dirty video with another lady, but not a man? What’s the difference? You don’t have to love show business, but… oh, whatever.

Thigh grazes.