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Scottish FA extends suspension to June 10

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Scottish football has extended its COVID-19 suspension of activity until June 10.

That date is some six weeks longer than the initial expectation of April 30, and includes training.

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“The message is very clear: The government restrictions introduced to save lives must be adhered to and there is no prospect of an early resumption of training let alone organized football in Scotland for several weeks,” said a statement from the Scottish FA.

Celtic is running away with the title though there’s some minimal hope for stumbling Rangers, who have a match-in-hand as part of their 13-point deficit on Neil Lennon’s leaders.

The relegation picture is a lot cloudier. Hearts are in the automatic relegation spot with 23 points, four points back of playoff side Hamilton. St. Mirren and Ross County have 29 points.

The Scottish season traditionally divides into top six and bottom six after 33 matches, so there would be plenty of chances for teams to affect their fate.

St. Mirren captain accidentally spears teammate in the thigh in “daft prank” gone awry

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When the words “captain” and “spearing” come together, I usually think of things like “Moby Dick” and the NHL playoffs.

What generally doesn’t jump to mind is a “daft prank” at a training ground that ends with a young player nursing a centimeter-deep thigh wound.

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Yet that’s exactly what Scotland brings us today, as St. Mirren captain Steven Thompson’s decision to hurl a training pole at a teammate who tackled him, only to see the stick embed itself in the player’s thigh.

Now John McGinn is set for three weeks on the sidelines, though he also has a heck of a story.

What? Yup. From

“I’ve been shocked by it, to be honest, really down about it. I like a laugh and a joke in training, but for something like this to happen is just unbelievable.

“I’m just mortified by the whole thing. It was a daft prank. It wasn’t like I threw the pole out of anger or anything like that.

“That’s not what happened. I threw it for a laugh, stupid me trying to be funny, and unfortunately it’s anything but. It’s a total disaster.”

I’m very excited to start using the phrase “daft prank” to describe horrible things that come of my own misdeeds around the house. “Honey, sorry I shrunk your dress in the washing machine. Just a daft prank. Forgive me.”